A woman cut her stomach and intestines to lose weight

There are many ways to lose weight, but a woman cut her stomach and intestines to lose weight. She lost 25kg in 8 months. However, medical experts also remind: cut the stomach to lose weight to be careful.

Ms. Gu in her 30s. Last year, in order to lose weight, she went to the hospital for a doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, and cut 70% of her stomach and one third of her small intestine. Eight months later, she lost 25 kilograms.

Dr. Wang, director of minimally invasive surgery of Provincial People’s Hospital, told the author that Ms. Gu received laparoscopic gastric volume reduction surgery. At that time, in addition to cutting the stomach and intestines, she also stripped off 700g of omentum (that is, the fat covering the gastrointestinal surface).

Although Ms. Gu’s weight has been relatively standard and her figure is obviously slim, Dr. Wang¬† still hopes that people who do such operations should be cautious. He said that cutting the stomach to lose weight will indeed reduce the stomach space for digesting food, so that patients can easily feel full stomach, reduce eating, and achieve the goal of reducing weight. But after all, cutting the stomach and cutting the intestines is a treatment method for organ damage, so we should be careful.

Experts remind that people who cut their stomachs to lose weight should be morbidly obese people. Because of their obesity, these people directly lead to hypertension, coronary heart disease, insulin resistance diabetes and other chronic diseases. If they don’t lose weight quickly, it may affect their life span and quality of life. If it’s just general obesity, there’s no need to learn. After all, any operation will have risks. Blind operation is not allowed.

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