Finding the root cause of weight gain makes it easier to lose weight

Some people’s body’s drainage function is poor, excess water accumulation in the body will cause edema obesity. This kind of people want to lose weight, in addition to more exercise, in the diet to eat more diuretic swelling food, such as winter melon, celery and so on.

The role of metabolism is to remove the burden on the body and the new things that are good for the body. When this mechanism is not working properly, there will be problems, such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and weight gain. In addition to diseases, growing old, loving high calorie and high fat foods and bad living habits will slow down metabolism, lead to poor heat metabolism and, of course, obesity.

Some people may be born fat, which is mainly related to genetics. According to statistics, if parents are obese unilaterally, the probability of their children’s obesity is 40%, four times that of ordinary people; if both parents are obese, the probability is as high as 80%, eight times that of ordinary people.

Improper diet is an important cause of obesity. This is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the uneven intake of nutrients. In daily diet, the intake of fat is too much, protein, vitamin and other nutrients are not enough, it is easy to make people fat. On the other hand, they eat too much. It’s easy to understand that even if you eat more food with lower calories, it will make you fat.

During pregnancy, and in the months after childbirth, mothers naturally exercise less than on weekdays, and eat more than on weekdays. After childbirth, mothers’ waists and abdomen are loose, which is easy to accumulate fat, leading to body deformation.

Some bad habits and details in life are often the key to your body. For example, some people like to cross their legs when they sit down. This action will block the blood and lymph circulation of the legs and lead to swelling of the lower body.

Taking some drugs for a long time, such as antidepressants, psychiatric drugs, steroids, insulin, oral hypoglycemic drugs, contraceptives and so on, will cause obesity, of which insulin is the most obvious, and even excessive intake of vitamin B group and e will also become the cause of obesity.

In addition, some people will take weight-loss drugs in order to lose weight quickly. However, the side effects of these weight-loss drugs are large, which make you lose weight quickly, and make you rebound quickly, and the rebound degree is greater than the weight before you lose weight.

Too much pressure will lead to high adrenal cortisol index, increased gastric peristalsis and digestive function, and increased appetite. When people feel pressure, they will think of some ways to divert their attention, so “eating” has become a cathartic choice for most people. In this case, it’s really hard not to be fat.

Lack of sleep will hinder the metabolism of carbohydrates, increase the concentration of blood sugar, increase the concentration of insulin in the body, and cause the body to store more fat. At the same time, it will reduce the concentration of leptin in the body, stimulate the human body to absorb more carbohydrates, and reduce the concentration of growth hormone, which can regulate the proportion of body fat and muscle, so as to make you fat.

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