Pay attention if menstruation is delayed for a week

The length of each woman’s menstrual cycle is different. It’s normal to delay or advance a little. But if menstruation is delayed for a week, we should pay attention to:

For women who have delayed menstruation for a week and have sex at ordinary times, they should pay attention to whether they are pregnant and do a good job of urine pregnancy test. If they are confirmed to be pregnant, they should also do a further test to determine whether they are pregnant in utero or ectopic, and give corresponding treatment.

In addition to pregnancy, delayed menstruation may also be due to abnormal sex hormones, endocrine disorders, or abnormal reactions of women taking certain drugs. The most common reason for delayed menstruation is irregular menstruation. Puberty women or menopause women often have abnormal estrogen and progesterone, which leads to irregular shedding of endometrium.

Long term irregular bleeding is easy to induce other gynecological diseases. First of all, long-term vagina appears, prone to genital tract inflammation, and long-term blood loss is easy to lead to female anemia. If the endometrium is only controlled by estrogen for a long time, it is easy to have endometrial lesions, leading to endometrial diseases, such as polyps, and even endometrial cancer.

In addition, we should pay attention to the hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism of thyroid function, which may also affect the secretion of ovarian hormones, so as to have amenorrhea or amenorrhea. For the patients who exclude other gynecological diseases that cause menstrual delay, we should pay attention to the examination of thyroid gland and pituitary gland, so as to find out the real reason of menstrual delay, and then carry out targeted treatment.

Lead to infertility: according to the World Health Organization, the prevalence of infertility in some areas of developing countries is as high as 30%, and China’s statistics are 6% – 10%. Due to the pressure of study and employment, the birth age has risen, and the supplement of sexual broadcasting diseases, the incidence of infertility has a rising trend. Women’s irregular menstruation is also the direct cause of infertility.

Causes the spot, the dark sore, affects the cosmetology: after many women face appears the spot, the dark sore, is anxious extremely for the appearance damage. These color spots and dark sores can not be solved by cosmetics. Because they are the reflection of the pathological changes of the body, they are the external manifestations of irregular menstruation and some diseases such as cancer and cirrhosis. If not early diagnosis and treatment, not only affect beauty, but also affect health.

Cause headache: headache is a more common disease, which is related to the unique physiological characteristics of women. Epidemiological survey results show that headache related to menstruation accounts for about 20% of female headache.

Gynecological inflammation crisis: irregular menstruation brings serious harm to women’s health. Such as menstrual arthritis, Yuelong rash, menstrual toothache, menstrual asthma, endometrial displacement, cervicitis, etc.

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