Talking more is good for old people’s longevity

Generally, people don’t like the old people’s “nagging”. However, the American family advocates that the old people should speak more, and the objects of speaking should not be limited to their families and friends. Americans generally believe that speaking more can help to activate the old people’s slow thinking, provide the old people with access to a lot of valuable information and knowledge, and enrich their too peaceful life.

As a form of social interaction, visiting can make the old people become cheerful, and provide opportunities for some healthy and young old people to help other old people, so that they still have a good social circle in their old age and continue to maintain their good morality of caring for others and being willing to help others when they are young.

For the elderly to participate in activities such as computer, chess, foreign language and other brain focused activities, American families always give full support and provide convenience. This is because, to let the elderly participate in such activities, not only can enrich their monotonous old life, but also this kind of activities itself is the “Gymnastics” of brain exercise. Long-term adherence can effectively prevent the decline of brain function, and even delay or curb the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.

Singing old songs is one of the best ways to help old people return to their youth. It brings vitality and drives away sadness. In order to guide them to sing more old songs, many famous singers and pop stars also rushed to the old people’s home to sing classic old songs for the old people.

Taking part in a number of physical exercises (such as walking, swimming or cycling) can greatly reduce the boredom and fatigue that may occur during exercise, so as to achieve “perseverance” in exercise.

Americans believe that if the elderly are lucky enough to have a few friends, they may become younger psychologically. So American families not only encourage old people to make friends with their peers, but also encourage them to deal with teenagers and even children.

It is beneficial to the physical and mental health of the elderly to have the opportunity to join in the embrace of nature. Therefore, as long as conditions permit, American families will provide the possibility and convenience for the elderly to travel or outdoor activities.

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