Weight loss tips that you can do in your daily life

Sitting for a long time will not only slow down the microcirculation of the lower body and reduce the metabolism of the human body, but also cause the excess water and metabolic waste under the waist, especially the buttocks and thighs, not to be discharged from the body normally. At the same time, sitting for a long time will squeeze the abdominal organs, and the visceral fat is easy to accumulate in the waist and abdomen. Therefore, people who sit for a long time will usually be pear shaped Puzzling, abdominal obesity, hip sagging, thigh fat hoarding, seriously affect aesthetic feeling.

In this case, the work that can be done by standing should not be done by sitting as much as possible. Standing can not only make muscles in a relatively tense state, let fat actively participate in metabolism, but also effectively accelerate the blood circulation of legs and promote toxin discharge. In addition, walking is a good aerobic exercise. It can not only exercise muscles to consume fat, but also strengthen heart and lung function. It is positive and beneficial for body and health.

Bad eating habits must be overcome, such as eating when you are hungry. You can eat when you are hungry, but it doesn’t mean that you can eat anything. Don’t eat instant noodles. Greasy noodles and sauces won’t bring you any benefits. Don’t eat biscuits. You can also eat sugar when there’s no nutrition. Don’t eat chips. Fried food will only help you increase fat mass.

Nutritionists believe that comprehensive nutrition is the material basis to ensure human health, and also one of the tips to lose weight, because the body thinks it is the best supply, thus accelerating metabolism. Note here that “comprehensive” refers to foods that are naturally produced. The body needs sufficient carbohydrates, including whole wheat products, fruits, dairy products, starch vegetables; protein mainly comes from beans, meat, fish, poultry and eggs; and from nuts, olive oil and other healthy unsaturated fats.

During physical examination, doctors often let us exhale and inhale forcefully. This kind of breathing without depth and skill will not help us lose weight. How to judge whether our breathing style is good for slimming? She said, “put one hand on the chest and the other hand on the abdomen. When you breathe normally, if the hand on the chest moves upward rather than outward, your breathing can only obtain one third of the oxygen needed by the body. If the body is deficient in oxygen, then fat can’t be completely broken down. The result of staying in the body is to gain weight. ”

There is a simple and easy way to master the right breathing quickly, lie on the ground, and put a book on your abdomen. When inhaled, the book should go up; when exhaled, the book should go down. This process should be slow, very slow and stable.

At the same time, it can also be used with breathing exercises specially for weight loss. First of all, inhale air from the nasal cavity at one time. It is better to be comfortable. Hold your breath four times, and then exhale the air from your mouth twice. If you inhale air 4 times from the nose, you can hold your breath 16 times (4×4) and exhale 8 times (4×2). No matter inhale or exhale, try to reach the “limit” amount, that is, when inhaled, it can no longer be inhaled and exhaled until it can no longer be exhaled. It is recommended to practice ten groups twice a day.

At that time, when the needle points to six in the morning, your first reaction is definitely not to be unable to cross your abdominal muscles. However, five minutes of intense abdominal activity in the morning will definitely help you cut your waist by two inches. Exercise speeds up metabolism and makes you energetic all day.

Office white-collar workers often complain that there is no time to exercise. In fact, as long as we make full use of every bit of time in our daily life, we can effectively burn fat and achieve the goal of weight loss. It is suggested that when washing face and brushing teeth in the morning and evening, you can stand on tiptoe and let your heels move up and down, 50 times in a group, which is conducive to reducing the weight of legs and buttocks. When bathing, you may as well move your neck, twist your waist and lift your legs, which can burn a lot of heat. Climbing stairs is a great way to lose weight. In the same time, climbing stairs consumes 4 times more calories than walking and 2 times more calories than playing table tennis. Climbing the stairs for 5 minutes a day can burn nearly 418.7 calories. When taking the bus or subway, try to stand as much as possible. You can do some hand movements, such as holding the “pull ring”, sometimes gripping, sometimes relaxing, which can make your wrist thin. When sitting in the seat, you can do some foot exercises, such as pressing the ankles of two feet alternately for 8 seconds, and doing three times for each foot. Then the legs are separated, the knees are slowly closed together, and the knees are forced to squeeze each other for 8 seconds. The two groups of actions can be performed alternately. When cooking soup and rice, it’s the most boring to wait by the stove. Take this opportunity to do some exercise to reduce weight of lower limbs. Hold the stove with both hands, straighten your legs and lift your legs backward to speed up as much as possible and lift them up. Each leg 10 to 15 times, can reduce thigh rear and buttock fat.

Sugar is hidden in many beverages, including milk, soymilk, juice, honey, etc. it exists in different forms, such as lactose, fructose, sucrose, glucose. We need to know that sugars are not equal to lipids, or that the sugars absorbed into the body are not necessarily transformed into lipids. In fact, the sugar absorbed into the body will first be used as energy source to maintain the life activities of the body, which is often not enough, and then need to mobilize protein and fat (mainly from lipid food) to provide energy. Only a large number of excess sugars will cause surplus and transform into fat. Therefore, we should try to drink drinks with low sugar content. For example, black tea is better than coke, green tea is better than black tea, and it is best to drink water that is light to white.

The absorption process of sugar itself will stimulate the body to improve the current metabolic rate (temperature rise when eating), and maintain inertia for a period of time, during which the increased heat consumption may be less than a small amount of sugar heat. Take a sip, drink slowly, prolong the sugar absorption process, and make the metabolism period of corresponding temperature rise longer, and consume more energy unconsciously. In addition, drink before meals as much as possible. The sugar in the drink will soon enter the blood, causing neuroreflex regulation, reducing eating and sugar absorption.

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