Five kinds of health porridge to enhance your resistance

1.Wash the Mungbean and rice, put them into the pot and boil them; boil them slowly until they are eight ripe, then put the sliced pork liver into the pot; after cooking, add seasoning. Efficacy: nourishing liver, nourishing blood, clearing away heat, brightening eyes, beautifying and moistening skin, can make people radiant, especially suitable for the weak people with sallow complexion, vision loss and blurred vision.

2.Marinate the diced jujube and yam with sugar for 30 minutes. Put peanut kernel and stemmed rice into the pot together, add some water, cook the rice porridge in the fire until it is thick, then add red jujube dice, yam dice and some white sugar, cook for 10 minutes in the fire, and then eat. Efficacy: jujube and peanut benefit Qi and blood, help digestion. Improve human immunity, prevent osteoporosis and anemia, soften blood vessels. The effect of jujube food on the growth and development of teenagers

3.Add some water into the casserole, put in the perilla leaves, boil for 1 minute, remove the dregs and take the juice for standby. Wash the rice, boil the water separately, add the rice and cook the congee. When the congee is cooked, add the perilla leaf liquid and brown sugar, and mix well. Efficacy: perilla leaf Weixin has the functions of dispersing cold and resolving external symptoms, promoting qi and resolving depression and resolving phlegm. It can expand capillaries, stimulate sweat secretion and sweat. Therefore, the perilla leaf and the japonica rice are cooked together, which has the functions of harmonizing the stomach, dispersing the cold and resolving the surface. It is more suitable for the weak and the occasionally cold, especially for the season with high cold incidence in spring

4.Wash jujube and japonica rice and put them into the pot. Cook them into congee shape. If you like to eat sweet, you can add a small amount of ice sugar. Efficacy: jujube is rich in vitamin E, often eating jujube porridge can make people rosy and energetic. It’s a good choice for women.

5.First mix the corn flour into a paste with cold water, then turn it into a mild fire after the water is boiled, and then add the sweet potato. Pay attention to constantly stirring the bottom of the pot, otherwise it is easy to cause sticking. Efficacy: it is rich in fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids, and the calories of porridge are relatively low, especially for people with poor appetite and constipation.

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