Food taboos which are not to be consumed together

Because tofu is sweet, cold and poisonous, it can clear heat and disperse blood, and make the turbid Qi of the lower large intestine. Honey is sweet, cool, smooth and contains many enzymes. Tofu also contains a variety of minerals and organic acids. If they are mixed, they are easy to produce biochemical reactions harmful to human body. Therefore, after eating tofu, you can no longer eat honey, not to mention at the same time.

Jujube has high vitamin content, which can nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish the heart, moisten the lungs, delight the color, open nine orifices and help the twelve meridians. However, the volatile oil and capsaicin with pungent smell of scallion can remove the peculiar smell in greasy dishes such as fishy mutton, produce special aroma, stimulate the secretion of digestive fluid, and enhance people’s appetite. Jujube can nourish the spleen and stomach, onion can stimulate the secretion of digestive fluid, but if the two are combined, it will lead to disharmony between the spleen and stomach.

Many people like to use red and white radish to cook soup. The content of vitamin C in white radish is very high, but if they eat together with carrots, they will lose a lot of vitamin C. Because carrots contain a kind of ascorbic acid enzyme, which can destroy vitamin C in white radish and lead to septicemia.

Hami melon and banana can’t be eaten together, because the sugar content of Hami melon is about 15%, and the potassium ion content is very high. Bananas are also rich in potassium, about 283-472 mg per 100 grams of banana. Therefore, when the kidney failure patients have little urine, they should not eat the banana and Hami melon with high potassium content, so as to avoid adding frost to the snow.

After the protein enters the gastrointestinal tract, it is broken down into amino acids by pepsin and trypsin secreted by the pancreas, and then absorbed by the small intestine. There is a kind of trypsin inhibitor in soybean milk, which can destroy the activity of trypsin and affect the digestion and absorption of protein. Egg contains a kind of mucus protein, which can combine with trypsin, and make trypsin lose part of its function, leading to the decomposition of protein.

Although oranges and lemons can both strengthen the spleen and eliminate food consumption, people with gastric ulcer and excessive gastric acid can not eat them at the same time. Orange and lemon fruit acid is higher than most fruits, a large number of consumption will promote the secretion of gastric acid, making the ulcer worse. Especially lemon, which has strong acidity and pH value below 2.8, should not be eaten on an empty stomach, as it is very easy to hurt the stomach, resulting in damage to the gastric mucosa. In severe cases, ulcerative gastric perforation will occur.

Potato contains protein, sugar, fat, vitamin B1, B2, C, a small amount of solanine. Banana contains fructose, glucose, protein, vitamin B1, B2, C, e, niacin, pectin, calcium, phosphorus, iron, noradrenaline, dihydroxyphenylethylamine and other components. Potatoes and bananas are eaten together. When they are eaten together, they will have chemical reactions and produce some toxins, which will cause spots on the face. However, if there is a difference of more than 15 minutes when eating, long spots on the face can be avoided.

Carrots are rich in carotene, which can prevent rough skin, enhance immune function and bone growth. Vinegar is the holy product of losing weight. It can reduce weight, detoxify and cure insomnia. But if you eat it with carrots, the acidity of vinegar will destroy the carotene in carrots. Therefore, when eating carrots, we should try to avoid vinegar, so that the nutrition can be better absorbed by the body.

Many people like to have some soda when they eat hot pot, but it’s not good to drink too much. Soda and spicy food are irritant food. When people’s stomach is stimulated by spicy food to speed up peristalsis, the gas in soda will cause great damage to the stomach, light will cause nausea and bloating, heavy will cause pain in the stomach.

River shrimp and tomato mix together, just like lemon shrimp, because they are full of vitamin C, with the potassium and arsenic elements in shrimp, they will produce chemical reactions and turn into toxic three potassium arsenic, which will paralyze capillaries and inhibit the activity of mercaptomei. But if you eat a little, there will be no strong signs of poisoning. It depends on your personal choice.

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