Pay attention to moistening lung when white dew arrival

The “white dew” of the twenty-four solar terms, the temperature and humidity are reduced at this time, the air pressure is increased, and the heat consumed by the human body is also increased under such conditions, so that the required energy suddenly increases, and the entire In the summer, the “deficit” of the internal energy consumption of the body has not been replenished, and it is prone to burnout and fatigue. To alleviate this phenomenon, we should first adjust the living time and strengthen the exercise, change the habit of sleeping in the summer, and ensure that the rest time is about one hour longer than the summer. In the early morning and evening, you can go out for a walk and increase the amount of exercise to stimulate the vitality of the body.
Appropriate intake of soft foods that moisten the lungs, eat more alkaline foods rich in vitamins, such as apples, carrots, kelp, etc. These foods help to eliminate the body fatigue, and the meat can be selected among the meats. It is the old duck that can make up the yin of the five internal organs, clearing the troubles of the labor, and supplementing the blood and nourishing the stomach, suitable for early autumn. Unsuitable foods such as egg yolk and cheese, as well as dog meat, dog meat are warm, not only will cause fire after eating, but also dryness, and increase the lack of body fluid.
[Practice] about 300 grams of fresh lily washed and dried; a duck about 1500 grams, hair removal, laparotomy, washed and dried; put the duck into a large porcelain basin, back facing down, belly up; first lily Put it into the duck belly, then put it into the washed duck’s internal organs; pour a small amount of yellow wine and fine salt, and finally bend the duck head into the abdomen; use the cotton thread to tie the duck body; the steamer is steamed with steam 4 hours, until the duck meat is smashed.
[Food supplement guide] Duck soup is not only nutritious, delicious, but also nourishing the stomach, with the lungs of relieving cough, clearing the heart and soothe the nerves, making this dish a good food for the early autumn.

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