4 tips for changing seasons

Two days ago, we just spent the fourteenth solar term. Being in the heat means leaving the heat and leaving hot. Autumn has arrived in a sense. After that, the temperature in the north of the Yangtze River will gradually drop. Although the summer heat is still unabated, sooner or later, there will be a cool autumn. So, what s worth noting during the summer season? The editor summarized a few points for everyone:

Because morning and evening temperature differences begin to increase, gastrointestinal irritation increases, resistance and adaptability decrease, and gastrointestinal problems, especially those with chronic gastrointestinal diseases, are often uncomfortable at this time.

Therefore, we should pay attention to nourishing the stomach during the summer season, and the diet should be light. When you sleep at night, close the doors and windows and cover the abdomen with a thin quilt to prevent the spleen and stomach from getting cold .

Because of this, we must maintain adequate sleep and try to get up early and get up early without staying up late. Siesta less than 1 hour a day can also relieve the lack of autumn.

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