After the heatstroke, you should sleep an extra hour every day

  The summer weather on behalf of San Fu has passed or is coming to an end, indicating that the summer heat is about to recede, but the weather has not yet experienced the true coolness of the autumn, and summer snoring and autumn fatigue will appear during this period, making people feel lazy. Chushu solar terms are in an alternating period from heat to cold. It is recommended to adjust your daily life to ensure adequate sleep. It is best for everyone to sleep an hour longer than usual.

  After the summer heat, the reason why there is still fatigue is that the hot weather throughout the summer will cause people to consume too much energy. For example, prolonged excessive sweating can cause salt metabolism disorders, gastrointestinal function is weakened accordingly, and sleep is not sufficiently guaranteed. When the summer is over, the human body begins to trim and prepares to return to normal physiological functions, which can cause fatigue. There is also a saying that after the summer, the autumn is dry, the autumn is dry, the heat is exhausting and the yin is hurt, and the weakness of the limbs leads to weakness of the limbs, and the gods are lazy.

  After the summer, the weather becomes cold. It is time to change the habit of sleeping late in the summer. Try to sleep for an extra hour every day. It is best to fall asleep before 10 pm. In addition, it is necessary to take a proper nap, which is conducive to dissolving the distressed mood, especially the elderly. Because the blood, yin and yang of the elderly are all deficient, there will be a phenomenon of lack of energy during the day and night. Therefore, the ancient health-care families believed that the elderly should pillow them when they feel sleepy.

  Because greasy foods can produce drowsy acid substances in the body, and many vitamins in vegetables and fruits can quickly eliminate metabolites and accelerate the metabolism of acid substances produced during muscle fatigue. Therefore, less oily and more fruits and vegetables are to eliminate people. One of the ways to fatigue.

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