Aggravate the bad habits of allergies

Many people like to hoard things, such as packing boxes, old clothes, etc. if you have allergies, you should clean the room thoroughly. Because, disorderly goods will gather dust and cause allergy. For allergy patients, family decoration should also be simple. At ordinary times, we should classify the articles in our home in time, and throw away some unnecessary articles in time. In addition, the U.S. asthma and Allergy Foundation recommends that you do not over decorate floors and walls. Excessive decorative materials can also collect dust and cause serious allergic reactions.

Clothes that are not completely dry. When the clothes are washed and not dried thoroughly, some people can’t wait to put them away, which is very easy to cause allergic symptoms. This is because the humid environment will provide growth conditions for mold, which is an important factor causing allergic symptoms. Therefore, we must put away the clothes after they are completely dry, especially for people living in humid climate.

High pressure. According to a study published in the allergy, asthma and Immunology Yearbook in 2013, people with allergies who are often stressed have more episodes of allergies than those who are less stressed.

Touch three hand smoke. The study of the Mayo Clinic in the United States indicates that three hand smoke, which is the nicotine residue adhered to clothing and indoor items, will increase the risk of lung disease and increase allergic symptoms in addition to non-smokers.

Contact lenses can absorb pollen and other allergens, causing eye irritation. If you suspect that your allergic symptoms are related to wearing contact lenses, you should choose the appropriate contact lenses under the guidance of an ophthalmologist.

Neglect of indoor air quality. Dust mites, molds, pollen and other allergens can easily make allergy sufferers miserable at home. It is recommended that you place an air purification device in each room to help remove indoor allergens. In addition, pay attention to clean or replace the filter in the air conditioner every 2-3 months.

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