Can jealous lose weight? Teach you these 6 jealous ways to lose weight easily

Clean 300g of peanut rice and dry it in the bottle, then pour 500g of balsamic vinegar and seal well, soak it for about 10 days before eating. Take 15 capsules every morning on an empty stomach for three months. This method has the effect of clearing blood fat and eliminating fat, and can also reduce weight. It is suitable for people with arteriosclerosis, obesity and hyperlipidemia.

Wash 200g of onion, cut into slices and stir in 80g of balsamic vinegar. Eat 60g each time, and eat it once in the morning and evening. This method works quickly, but it must maintain a balanced nutrition during the period, and it can strengthen the skin if you continue to do it The elasticity has achieved the effect of diuretic detoxification and slimming.

Wash 500 grams of sweet potatoes and cut into pieces. Put in an appropriate amount of water and cook. When mature, add 80 grams of balsamic vinegar. You can eat it once cooked. Eat once a day. This method has the effects of diuretic swelling and weight loss, can maintain the elasticity of the arterial vascular wall, prevent the deposition of fat on the vascular wall, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, and can also reduce subcutaneous fat. It is especially suitable for simple Sexual obesity and body edema caused by chronic nephritis.

Wash the eggs and place them directly in the bottle. Pour 500g of balsamic vinegar to seal. It takes about 35 days to soak until the eggshell disappears completely. Then, use clean chopsticks to break and mix well and you can drink. Take out 10 ml and mix with warm water every day. This method has the effects of freckle emollient and weight loss, suitable for people with obesity and dark spots on the face.

Crush 150g of rock sugar into a bottle and pour in balsamic vinegar. You can drink the rock sugar until it melts. Take it three times a day and take 10ml after each meal. It can help digest food, reduce blood pressure, weight loss and weight loss. Suitable for Hyperlipidemia and obesity.

Wash 250 grams of soy beans in advance, and use a small fire to cook the aroma until it cools. Pour 500 grams of balsamic vinegar into the bottle and soak for 10 days. Eat twice a day, and eat a small amount every day. Taking it for three months can achieve the effect of weight loss.

The above slimming method has significant effects. You may wish to try it out. Drink plenty of water during the period, adjust your diet, and avoid eating high-fat and high-sugar foods.

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