Causes of obesity other than eating

We all know that eating more and less exercise is the most basic cause of obesity, but it is not the only reason. It is not difficult to meet some people who are getting fat when they drink water. Obesity is no longer a change in body shape, it will bring more health threats, so weight loss has become the hottest topic nowadays. …

Genetically caused obesity is also known as hereditary obesity. Generally, this type of population is relatively rare and has a family tendency. It mainly occurs in infancy, adolescence and middle-aged and elderly, and generally early obesity can easily develop into adult obesity.

Fatigue Excessive fatigue is also a cause of obesity in modern people. It is generally caused by factors such as high work pressure, irregular diet, and staying up late. However, general IT workers and journalists are prone to this type of obesity.

Constipation is a common disease in most modern urban populations, often caused by long working hours, less exercise, and overly delicate diet. Constipation leads to an increase in intestinal toxins, poor bowel movements, and an invisible increase in weight. At the same time , the abdomen is more prone to obesity.

First of all, during the treatment of some diseases, the participation of hormone drugs is required, and hormone drugs are very likely to cause obesity in the human body. Secondly, modern women will use drug contraception. Contraceptive drugs are made on the basis of hormones. Incorrect or excessive use will lead to disorders of hormone levels in the body, and then prone to obesity.

Traditional thinking holds that obese people are caused by excess nutrition, but this is not the case. Obesity is caused by excess calories, and the lack of some nutrients, such as vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B3, etc., results in the inability of fat in the body to be converted into energy, which results in the accumulation, accumulation, and obesity of fatty tissue.

People who lack sleep will not only lose their resistance, but also become obese. Staying up late affects the body s biological clock, which is more likely to cause hunger at night. Hunger will lead to eating, and almost no exercise at night , which will also cause excessive calories to become fat accumulation.

Zhang Chang expects that obesity will also be caused in air-conditioned rooms, because the body is always in a constant temperature environment, and the body cannot regulate its own heat, which is prone to obesity.

Sitting for a long time is the culprit of obesity nowadays. If you do not exercise for a long time, not only will fat not be burned, but it will also cause fat to accumulate locally, resulting in large belly, sagging elephant legs and hips . Therefore, in addition to eating, the above factors will also lead to the occurrence of obesity, and if you want to change obesity, you need to symptomatically adjust your body, change your eating habits and rest time.

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