Easily lose beer belly after eating and drinking

The American Men s Health magazine pointed out that dietary intake must keep energy average, that is, how much calories are inputted and how much is consumed.

1. Be sure to have breakfast. A survey of 2,831 subjects conducted by Harvard University found that 44% of those who ate breakfast daily were normal weight and 41% did not develop insulin resistance.

2, To to maintain small meals. Eating every three hours after breakfast can keep blood glucose levels stable. Experts recommend that you eat half the amount of each meal and eat only seven minutes full.

3. To eat more fruits and vegetables. Vegetables are best for seasonal vegetables, eat more to increase satiety, and drain the soup or filter with boiling water to reduce the intake of fats; fresh fruits are also the best.

Most middle-aged men are too lazy to move. The American Genetic Family Study evaluates the effect of exercise on the prevention of metabolic syndrome. It was found that after 20 weeks of aerobic exercise, 32.7% of men and 28% of women were no longer affected. Classified as metabolic syndrome.

Experts suggest that middle-aged men do 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical exercise every day (heart rate is 60 ~ 80%, and they will gasp when they say 10 words). Cycling, climbing, brisk walking, and stairs are all good choices.

In addition, the car driver parks the car a little farther away from home or the company, and the bus driver can get off two stops earlier, both of which are stealing time to walk and exercise.

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