Eat ducks around summer

Every year around August 23 (August 22 to 24), when the sun reaches 150 ° of the Longitude of Yellow, it is a summer of twenty-four solar terms. Summer is a solar term that reflects changes in temperature. Department means hiding and ending, and summer means that the hot summer day is over. Monthly Order of the Seventy-two Months said: Come, go, the summer heat will stop here. Cruise means the end, indicating that the heat is about to pass. decreasing gradually. Summer is different from Xiaoshu and Dashu, and it is also different from Xiaohan and Dahan. It is a term that represents the transition of temperature from hot to cold.

The folk customs before and after the ancestor worship and the autumn and winter festivals are mostly related to the ancestor worship and the autumn welcome. Around the summer there will be folk activities to celebrate Zhongyuan, commonly known as July and a half or Zhongyuan Festival . In the old days, there was a ceremony to open the ghost gate together from the beginning of July. Purdue giving activities were held until the gate was closed at the end of the month. It is said that the activity of Pudu started with opening the ghost gate, then erected the lamp, and let the river lantern invite the lonely soul. The main body was building the Pudu altar, setting up the solitary shed, intervening to grab the lonely, etc., and ended with closing the ghost gate. Today, it has become a major event period for ancestor worship.

Furthermore, after the summer, the sense of autumn is getting stronger, which is a good time for people to enjoy the scenery of autumn in the countryside. Summer is over and the summer is over, and even those clouds in the sky seem to be scattered and free, unlike the thick clouds that formed during the summer heat. People have always said that July and August coincide with the clouds, meanwhile it means travel to welcome autumn.

Luohe lanterns are also called lotus lanterns. Generally, lanterns or candles are placed on the base, and Zhongyuan Ye is placed in the rivers and lakes, allowing it to float. The release of the river lanterns is for drowning ghosts and other lonely ghosts in Purdue water. A passage in Xiao Hong s Huran River is the best footnote to this custom: July 15th is a ghost festival; dead dead souls and grievances must not be supported, they are very bitter in hell and want to support life, And couldn t find the way. If a dead ghost holds a river lamp on this day, he will have to live.

For the coastal fishermen, the fishing season after summer, during the summer each year, an annual grand fishing festival is held on the coast of Zhejiang Province. Farewell to fishermen sailing out to sea. The Ninth China Fishing Festival in 2006 was held on September 6 in Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province. Because, at this time, the water temperature in the sea area is still too high, the fish will still stay around the sea area, and the fish, shrimp and shellfish are mature. Therefore, from this time, people can often enjoy a wide variety of seafood.

Lao Duck is sweet and cool, so folks have the tradition of eating ducks in summer, and there are a variety of methods, including white-cut duck, lemon duck, ginger duck, roast duck, lotus leaf duck, walnut duck and so on . Beijing still retains this tradition. Generally, in summer, Beijingers will go to the store to buy summer lily ducks and so on.

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