Eating crabs helps burn fat

The colorful orange-red crabs ran across the dining table, which made people happier, but for the weight-loss families who were engaged in a tug-of-war battle with their body fat, the sweet and fat crabs seemed to become slimmers. However, nutritionists said that crab meat is a low-fat meat, which can provide a source of protein for weight control. As long as you avoid crab cream and crab yellow, which are high in fat content, weight-loss families can also taste the good taste of autumn crabs.

Live Strong, a US health information website, mentions that crab meat is low in calories and almost all of it comes from protein. Taking Alaskan king crab as an example, 85 grams of cooked crab meat has about 80 calories. According to the data from the Food Nutrition Information Database of the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare, crabs are low in calories. For example, Asahi crabs, only 78 calories per 100 grams of weight, but chicken breasts with lower fat content have the same amount of calories. It is about 104 to 121 kcal, and the calories of the front and rear leg meat of the pig are 115 kcal.

In addition to the advantages of low calories, rich protein is also an important nutrient that is indispensable for weight loss. Simply put, the purpose of weight loss is to burn fat, and protein can not only repair the nutrition and muscle tissue lost by weight loss, but also provide the body with the energy required to burn fat, improve the basal metabolic rate, and keep the body away from exercise. It can continuously burn fat and metabolize old waste, which is more conducive to weight control.

According to the nutritionist, the principle of a healthy weight loss diet is a balanced diet, low starch, high protein and high fiber. You cannot eat a single food. Crab meat is low-fat meat. In addition to cooking it directly, stir -fry fresh greens and celery with crab leg meat, or make cold salad with ingredients such as stripped chicken breast, shredded cucumber, and shredded carrots. The weight loss recipe is not only ingests protein and fiber, but also increases the taste of the food.

In addition, if you are hungry in your mouth or during non-mealtime, you can also use crab leg meat to make low-calorie snacks. It is delicious with a little oil and vinegar sauce. A small amount can satisfy the appetite without worrying about eating cakes and biscuits Desserts or dim sums make the reduction of the amount of break.

However, nutritionists remind that although the calories of crab meat are low, crab cream and crab yellow contains a lot of cholesterol, which will increase bad cholesterol in the blood, lower good cholesterol, and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is recommended that the general public do not eat more than one crab at a time, just stop drinking; Patients with high total cholesterol concentration in their blood should not eat it.

In addition, people who are allergic to seafood can t supplement protein through crab meat. It is recommended to substitute lower calorie chicken breast or pork lean meat, combined with a balanced diet, fresh fruits and vegetables and regular exercise, in order to make weight loss healthier and lasting.

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