Eating the wrong healthy food can make you gain weight

Modern people advocate health, either for health or for weight loss, and always subconsciously eat some healthy food. Eat whole-wheat bread for breakfast; drink a cup of yogurt after a meal; can eat meat without meat, and use avocado salad instead. : Seemingly healthy, but in fact it is very likely to make you gain weight.

There is nothing wrong with eating healthy foods such as whole wheat bread and yogurt, but studies have shown that if a certain food is labeled as healthy food, consumers will relax their vigilance and eat as much as they want. The amount of heat in the sleep was exceeded.

Yogurt is indeed a healthy food, but it is limited to plain yogurt without adding various fruits and flavors. And even if the yogurt is good for the body, the calories are not low, a cup of 200 ml yogurt is about the same as a bowl of rice.

Avocado contains a variety of vitamins, rich fats and proteins, and is also high in sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. It can be used as a salad or spread directly on bread instead of high-fat and high-fat butter. S Choice.

In fact, its calories are not low. Eating one avocado has more calories than two fried chicken wings. For those who have quit pain, it is better to let them eat fried chicken directly. It is recommended not to consume more than half a day.

Comparing with Potato chips and jelly, nuts are indeed healthy snacks. However, they are generally high in calories. Even snacks cannot be eaten without restraint. Generally, they should not exceed a small amount a day.

Healthy adults need to replenish about 2,000 milliliters of water every day. This part of the water is best provided by clean water, and cannot be replaced by other beverages.

Overall, choosing healthy foods doesn t mean you can eat unscrupulously. The clever way to eat is to maintain healthy calorie intake and prioritize healthy foods to replace those less healthy calorie sources.

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