Frequent head massage is good for health

There are many nerve endings and tissues on the human scalp. Frequent massage and stimulation of these acupuncture points can greatly help people s health. When working is too tiring, scratching your head will make your mind clear. Let s take a look at the steps of head massage with Xiaobian.

Specific operation method: the palm of the hand is inward, and the fingers are spread out like scratching. Close your eyes when grasping, your mind is calm and your body is relaxed. Grab the hair from the forehead, from front to back, through the top of the head to the back of the hairline; from back to front, cycle back and forth. When grasping, use the threaded surface of the two little fingers to massage. The other fingers follow the massage of the little finger to grasp the scalp with gentle and gentle movements, so as not to damage the scalp. If you focus on a certain acupoint on the head, focus your thoughts on this acupoint, and grab it when you exhale, and stop when you inhale, so that the mind , qi, and shape (grasp rubbing) are performed simultaneously, the effect is better.

First, press the thumb or palm on the skin on the forehead of the two eyebrows, and gently wipe both hands to the left and right sides, and then push it back to the center of the forehead. Alternate hands, rub regularly, more than ten times. The strength should not be too large, the skin on the forehead does not change to red.

Then, put your ten fingers on both sides of the head, and do some combing motions from the front hairline along the top of the head to the back of the brain for about 20 times; then press the thumbs of both hands on the temples on both sides of the forehead, and press the other four fingers slightly apart to support the top With both hands at the same time, do a linear massage more than 10 times from top to bottom and bottom to top; finally, press the middle or index finger to hold the Baihui acupoint in the middle of the head and rotate it from light to heavy by pressing it for more than 10 times.

Then, with both hands and fingers bent and struck the head more than 10 times, grasp the root of the hair slightly, do the combing action from front to back, rub the entire head more than 10 times, or use a comb instead.

Friction Use your fingers or palm to rub back and forth from the eyebrows to the chin. If you want to have a cosmetic effect, you should pull up and massage from the bottom up. The movements should be performed slowly and rhythmically.

Doctors warmly remind that head massage can help eliminate fatigue, improve the nutritional status of the scalp, promote metabolism, and regulate skin secretion. It has certain significance. Get up early, take a lunch break, and do it once every night, about 10 minutes each time. You can do more when you are free.

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