Good habits for a truly lean physique

Jim Karas, an authoritative nutrition expert in the United States, is the founder of Jim Karas personal trainer company, and also a fitness coach for many celebrities. His two New York Times best-selling slimming books “the cardio free diet” and “flip the switch” are also popular. According to women’s height, weight and other specific circumstances, he customized suitable weight-loss methods for them, and in a short period of time to carry out high-intensity and resistance training of the whole body exercise as the main weight-loss rule, and achieved good results. Among them, Jim Karas’s method of reducing body weight from the inside is popular. Keep your mouth in check and keep your legs open. It’s not enough. Follow the steps of the weight-loss master to create a real thin body!
Calorie burning energy comes from breakfast every day. Eating too little will cause fat accumulation. If you start dieting at the first meal of every day, you will eat more later. Weight loss Master said: breakfast to try to eat high protein, high fiber food, calorie control between 300 to 400 can improve daily metabolism, in order to get the maximum benefit.
Ask yourself if you often eat all the food in the bowl and have dessert after dinner? Don’t compare with others, it will only make your stomach bigger and bigger. Slimming Master said: should eat more low calorie but high water content fruit, easy to produce a sense of fullness but will not absorb excess calories and fat. Salmon and chicken breast are also high protein foods, which should be eaten frequently. In addition, using whole wheat bread or grains with vegetables, chicken, green peppers and vegetables, etc., will be a good combination. Karas also recommends eating 3 grams of high fiber food 15 minutes before dinner, because it not only gives you a sense of fullness but also eliminates edema.
It’s not a total rejection, just a proper distance. The weight-loss Master said: like olive oil and avocado, a spoonful of olive oil and 1 / 4 avocado a day is enough. Even the healthiest whole wheat bread should not be eaten one at a time.
Say no to oily and fatty food. In general, the oil content of home fried dishes and pasta is high. A plate of pasta alone contains up to 36g of fat, while a regular 6-ounce filet mignon only has 11.2g of fat. Don’t underestimate these oils! Try adding a process to your diet – pepper, or other spices that can be seasoned, which can be converted into the energy you burn calories, says the weight-loss guru.
Don’t worry too much about the calories you eat every day, let the extra calories become your psychological and physical motivation, and prevent the metabolism reduction caused by the long-term intake of low calorie food. Slimming Master said: the petite women can control their calorie intake at 1100 calories for two consecutive days, 1600 calories for one day and 1100 calories for two consecutive days This is a cycle; tall and frivolous women are controlled at 1200 calories a day for two consecutive days, 1700 calories a day, and so on.
Exercise to moderate, too much aerobic exercise will weaken the immune system, increase appetite, and damage muscles. Women should learn how to use fat to increase muscle. Slimming Master said: the best way – interval strength training.

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