Habits hurt health but many people don’t care

Squeezing acne is not a good way to eliminate it. Many people know it, but they can’t help squeezing when they have acne on their faces. If the acne has grown mature, you can use professional tools such as acne needle after disinfection to discharge it, and you should also carry out anti-inflammatory treatment on the wound after extrusion. The hands are not clean, and bacteria are most likely to accumulate in the nails. If you squeeze acne with your hands, it is easy to cause infection, so it is not allowed to squeeze acne with your hands.

Many people think earwax is waste and should be cleaned up in time. In fact, earwax is not a useless dirty thing. It is acidic and covers the surface of the skin of the external auditory canal, which has a certain protective effect on the ear canal. Often digging the ear will stimulate the skin in the ear to cause chronic inflammation, resulting in increased secretion of earwax. If you are not careful when pulling out your ears, it’s easy to scratch your skin and hurt the eardrum, which will affect your hearing.

Brushing can clean the mouth and teeth, prevent dental disease and inflammation. But brushing too long is harmful to health, because from the neck to the root, there is only a thin layer of solid teeth to protect the gums. Brushing too long will damage the gums, leading to bleeding and periodontitis.

No matter in the movie or in the life, we often see some people holding their hands and making a “snap” sound. Although it looks cool, some people even think it can move joints and enhance their flexibility. I don’t know that this little habit is actually bad. The reason why the joint squeezes is that there is a lubricant like liquid in the joint. If the liquid is reduced, there will be friction between the joints, which will produce a sound. Often squeeze joints will cause joint wear, only small play, not often play.

This is the most common habit, many people have, but this habit is not good, it will affect the blood circulation of the legs, especially the long legs, it is easy to get venous thrombosis. In addition, the pressure of the upper body is not evenly distributed on the back when the two long legs are crossed, which can cause the deformation of the spine for a long time.

The above habits are very common, many people don’t care, but they will really harm your health. If you still have these habits, please give up.

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