How office workers can protect their health in the autumn

Autumn is coming, the weather is getting cold, and many office workers will feel low back pain or knee pain. This pain is far worse than the other three seasons. In the face of this pain, office workers will begin to pay attention to some of the fall health knowledge. Today, what we share is how office workers can protect their health in the fall…
Autumn shampoo is very particular, remember, it is best to wash at noon, so easy to dry, not easy to catch a cold. The most taboo is to wash your hair in the morning, wash your hair in the morning, go out, easy to cause migraine, and other brain diseases. It is not easy to wash at night, the hair is easily deformed, and it is easy to cause acne on the neck and forehead, and cause sweat spots.
The dry weather is dry, the most dry place, there are eyes, and cheeks and hands. The other two parts can be improved with cosmetics, but the dry eyes, seeking eye drops, is better than asking yourself. Especially those office workers who use computers in the office should pay special attention. Don’t stare at something for a long time, it is best to rub your eyes frequently, so use your own lacrimal glands to achieve the purpose of moisturizing your eyes.
When brushing your teeth in the fall, remember that the toothbrush used in autumn should speed up the replacement. It is recommended to replace the toothbrush in half a month. Also, when brushing your teeth in the fall, it is recommended to choose some toothpaste with higher salt content, so that you can achieve disinfection while cleaning the mouth.
When going out in the fall, especially in the morning, if you get up too early, or if you are going to work late at night, it is recommended to wear a mask. Not to mention those who have oral rhinitis. Wearing a mask can not only protect the body, but also can isolate many unclean things in the air, which is very helpful for the office workers’ respiratory system.
Office workers, especially a working woman, call me and they are endless. This is a very dangerous habit that not only speeds up aging, but also causes problems in your neck, brain, and eyes. Therefore, it is recommended that the call should not exceed 15 minutes. When you call, don’t twist around and answer the phone in a sitting position.
Although autumn is supposed to be frozen, I remember that autumn clothes can be thin, but it is definitely not tight. The weather in autumn itself will make people feel that breathing is not good. If you wear a tight top, it will only stress the five internal organs, which will cause unnecessary health problems. Also, pants should be worn as loose as possible, so that the drainage system will be smooth.
Sometimes office workers get up and start to pack themselves. They will do a series of activities with bare feet. After wearing them, they will wear socks. This is wrong. I suggest you just wear your socks when you just get up. Lift the temperature of the foot and protect the function of the self-repaired foot after a night, so that if you do something else, you will be in a comfortable state for a day.
Change your shoes every day and sleep comfortably. Autumn is coming. Although it is not as good as summer, you can change your shoes every day. However, it is recommended that you wear a pair of shoes for two days. This will reduce the growth of bacteria in your feet. Also, the lack of autumn is very powerful. It is not a place to sleep. It is recommended to sleep in a comfortable bed. In this way, there will be a high-quality sleep. For office workers, the way to relieve stress and improve energy .

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