How to keep healthy in spring

During the vernal equinox, the weather is getting warmer, especially during the day when the temperature rises rapidly. It is also common in the northern streets that people wear only one piece of clothes at noon, and girls who love beauty are even more unwilling to wear bloated clothes, and some even wear early summer clothing.

From the bottom of her feet, when it was cold, it was better to cover it. If young people who love beauty must wear less, at least they must ensure that their pants, shoes and socks are thicker, and the upper body clothing is appropriate.

骅 Wang Hao s warm reminder: Spring cover autumn freeze is the summary of the wisdom and experience of the ancestors. In order to be healthy, it is still necessary to reduce clothing in the spring more slowly and less in order to adapt to the changing seasons.

During the Spring Equinox season, the yang is relatively strong, everything is recovering, and the organisms are also active. Various bacteria and viruses multiply quickly in this season. Everyone must pay attention to preventing high-risk diseases such as colds, pneumonia, and measles.

In this period, it is the time of Muwang. Correspondingly, the power of gold and soil is inevitably weakened, so the probability of old diseases in the respiratory system and digestive system is relatively high. Always pay attention to maintenance.

From But on the other hand, at this time, the festival yang is getting more and more vigorous. When the disease recurs, pay attention to recuperate and take advantage of the situation.

During the Spring Equinox season, the symptoms of spring sleepiness are becoming more and more pronounced, especially in the afternoon each day. If this symptom is not relieved, it will seriously affect the normal work and study.

Even in the most sleepy, even just taking a nap for ten minutes can greatly relieve fatigue. Friends with conditions can take a nap for half an hour, office workers and students can sit in a chair and take a nap.

Spring bamboo shoots, spinach, celery, leeks, lettuce, green onions, bean sprouts, garlic sprouts, agaric, canola, and other seasonal vegetables are all good choices. And chicken, eggs, milk, yam, lotus seeds, white fungus and other nutrient-rich foods are suitable for this season.

For example, when cooking cold foods such as fish, shrimp, and crab, adding onion, ginger, wine, garlic, vinegar and other hot seasonings can alleviate the coldness of cold ingredients; after eating hot ingredients such as beef and lamb, With some nourishing yin ingredients, the complementary effect of yin and yang can be achieved.

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