How to nourish in autumn

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that after the heatstroke, the summer heat gradually disappears, especially in the morning and evening. The feeling of autumn and cold gradually becomes obvious, and the health should be protected from dryness and cold. At the same time, we must pay attention to heatstroke prevention.

After the summer heat, it is truly entering the autumn, and the summer heat is gradually disappearing, but at this time there is still summer heat. Therefore, the summer heat is characterized by cooler morning and evening, but also with autumn dryness. Yan, a traditional Chinese medical physician at the People s Hospital of Fujian Chao said that the heat treatment should be based on nourishing yin, preventing cold and clearing heat.

Yan Yanchao suggested that it s better to fall asleep later in the fall and get up for an hour a day, which is more conducive to alleviating the lack of autumn. Morning exercises should not be too early. After sweating, wear clothes in time to avoid cold. Fall in the fall and autumn, you can climb the mountain properly. In order to protect the yang, you should not be overly tired. He said.

At the same time, Yan Chao also said that diarrhea, cough and other diseases are prone to occur in autumn, especially for children, and some commonly used medicines can be prepared at home, such as Sishen Pill and Baoji Pill.

Yan Yanchao introduced that folks have always said that the tonic is tonic in autumn and winter. You can start to eat some warm tonic food properly during the summer, which can play a role in resisting morning and evening cold and strengthening strength, and can also play a role of dampness and dampness. For example, lamb, rabbit, chicken, and other foods, add winter melon, lotus seeds, longan, pear, etc. stew together, the effect is better.

Twenty-four solar terms are combined into four seasons. Each solar term represents a different climate. How do different solar terms maintain health? In the future, this newspaper will continue to invite relevant experts to introduce readers and friends to the health theory and methods adapted to each solar cell according to the different climate conditions of the solar cell.

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