Invasion of evil spirits should be avoided in summer

In summer, dry mouth, dry nose, dry cough, less sputum, constipation, increased skin wrinkles, even fatigue, weight loss and other signs of lung dryness and loss. It must be dry and moist.

立 This year s autumn season is in the afternoon, as if to verify the phrase early autumn, cold weather; late autumn, hot dogs . After the autumn heat swept all over the place, and the high temperature in some areas even surpassed the summer.

In this case, it is even more important to maintain emotional stability, pay attention to the adjustment of body, mind, and interest. Keep your mind clear and keep your sex quiet in order to survive.

In the summer season, it is the alternating period from heat to coolness. In the natural world, the yin is strengthened, and the yang is weakened. The yang of the human body is also adducted, and fall of autumn appears. At this time, more sleep is needed to eliminate fatigue and allow the brain and body to rest adequately.

At this time, because the epidermis is the thinnest part of the navel, it is particularly sensitive to external stimuli. Therefore, it must be properly protected to prevent cold air from invading the human body through the navel and causing diseases. Cover your belly more when you sleep.

In the summer season, the autumnal equinox is getting colder, and morning and evening are already cool, let alone late at night. If the cool wind at that time invades the body, it can easily cause problems such as periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, and gout; it may also cause diarrhea and gastritis And digestive disorders such as enteritis.

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