It is more important to remove heat and prevent dryness in summer

Summer has passed, and the temperature difference between day and night will gradually increase, but the daytime temperature is still high. Health experts point out that the focus of health care after the summer season is to prevent autumn dryness. Qiuzao syndrome mainly manifests as dry and rough skin, dry and painful nasal cavity, dry mouth, dry throat, and dry stool. It is necessary to take preventive measures in time to prevent the disease from developing. At the same time, experts also reminded that the weather in this city is still sultry after the summer, and it is still important to prevent heatstroke and dampness.

Chinese medicine believes that autumn is an eventful autumn, and the climate is in the transitional stage of yang and yin and long. From the beginning of the autumn to the summer, the autumn sun is raging and the temperature is high. In addition , there is autumn rain and heavy humidity. Therefore, there is a saying of autumn tiger. After the white dew, autumn rain gradually reduced, the weather began to dry, the days were hot and the nights were cold, and the climate was cold and hot. It was slightly careless, prone to colds and colds, and many old diseases also relapsed.

初 In the early autumn of each year, the number of patients in TCM clinics will increase. Many of them are people with a base of qi deficiency and cold. The symptoms mainly include cough, tiredness, sweating, cold, rhinitis, pharyngitis, stomach pain, and irregular stool. After the fall, the rain will be significantly reduced, and the air humidity will gradually decrease. Qiuzao is the most likely to cause cough. Doctors said that many people coughed as soon as the fall, and many Patients thought that throat inflammation was a nuisance, but using antibiotics on their own had little effect. This situation is usually caused by external dryness, external dryness is caused by external dryness, and symptoms such as colds and coughs often occur. Experts further analyzed that early autumn is often warm and dry, usually manifested as headache, body heat, dry cough. No sputum, trouble breathing, upset and thirsty, dry tongue without moss.

Experts said that at this time should drink plenty of fluids. But some people drink enough water during the day, but they still have obvious dry symptoms such as dry mouth and cleft lip, what should I do? Experts suggest: In addition to drinking plenty of water, light tea, soy milk and other drinks to replenish water, maintain a living environment Humidity is also an important part of moisturizing. The easiest way is to plant some flowers or fish at home, otherwise, sprinkle more water on the ground sooner or later, or use a mop to mop the ground. Now many families still have to If you turn on the air conditioner for several hours, the autumn dryness is uninvited. If you stay in a dry air-conditioned room for a long time, the body fluid will naturally be more damaged, causing dry skin, red tongue, and hair. Symptoms such as dryness, dry stool, dry mouth, nose, throat, dry chest, cough, and phlegm loss. Conditional households can choose an air humidifier to increase the humidity of t he air. When the air is humid, the skin feels and breathes more comfortable.

Although it means the beginning of autumn after the summer heat, but the temperature has not really entered the autumn, there are still many sauna days and thunderstorms, and the weather is sultry. Therefore, in the near future, pay attention to heatstroke and dampness , and protect the spleen and stomach. Cold drinks to prevent gastrointestinal disorders. Because the stomach likes wet but not cold.

After a summer of torment, many people have relatively weak spleen and stomach functions and poor appetite. Therefore, do not eat foods that are too heavy in taste, do not overeating, and eat less cold foods and poorly digested foods.. It is still very hot and humid, and it is more suitable for eating foods that can strengthen the spleen and dampen the stomach, such as red adzuki bean, barley kernel rice, lotus seeds, lentils, winter melon, and you can also eat some Poria, such as Poria Clipper.

Many people who have a poor appetite in the summer have gradually improved their appetite, so they have unknowingly started to eat something better-according to the habits of the Chinese, that is to eat meat; some middle-aged and elderly people also pay attention to sticking autumn leaves. However, TCM health experts remind people not to hurry to stick to autumn leaves. Because the human s gastrointestinal function is weak at this time, it has not been conditioned yet.

In this period, it is still necessary to focus on plant foods, eat more vegetables, fruits, cereals, beans, potatoes, edible fungi and other foods, and eat less high-calorie, indigestible meat. Otherwise, if you eat too many high -protein, high-fat (especially high unsaturated fat) foods such as meat, it will increase the burden on the stomach and gastrointestinal function. At the same time, too much heat can easily cause us to gain weight, and even lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Autumn health cannot be separated from the principle of receiving and nourishing, and the maintenance of yin in the body should be the first task. Exercise should also follow this principle, that is, the amount of exercise should not be too large, and it should be selected for easy and gentle items. Especially the elderly, children and frail people to prevent excessive sweating and yang loss.

Experts suggest that mountain climbing is a good choice for outdoor sports in autumn. Mountain climbing can enhance the human s breathing and blood circulation functions, increase human vital capacity and cardiac contractility, and can also assist the treatment of asthma and other diseases. It can also lower blood sugar and increase the hemoglobin and red blood cell count of patients with anemia. The temperature change is more obvious during mountain climbing, which can keep the body temperature adjustment mechanism in a state of tension, thereby improving the human body s ability to adapt to environmental changes. In addition, hiking and hiking in the summer can make people absorb more negative oxygen ions in the air, and have good nutrition and soothing effects on the nervous system.

It should be noted that mountain climbing is a weight-bearing exercise. The knee joint bears the weight of the entire body, especially when the joints on the first step have not been straightened, and then continue to climb on the other step. Half- flexed state, this will cause a greater burden on the joints. This exercise is not suitable for patients with osteoarthritis. For the elderly and infirm, the health effects of mountaineering cannot be emphasized. Patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc., should do what they can to prevent accidents.

In winter, it is susceptible to many lung diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, and repeated colds. This is often related to the damage to the lung yin in autumn. Therefore, the most important thing is to raise lungs in autumn. Here are some simple and easy ways to help nourish your lungs.

1, 捶 back: sit upright, lower back naturally upright, eyes closed slightly, relax, hold both hands into empty fists, 捶 the center and sides of the ridge, 30 times each When carrying your back, you should go from bottom to top , then from top to bottom, first at the center of the spine, then at the left and right sides. This method can open the air in the chest, pass through the spine and back meridians, and have the effect of strengthening the lungs.

2, throat: straight upper body, head up, neck straight, hand massage down the throat down to the chest. During the massage, the thumb is separated from the other four fingers, the tiger s mouth is against the throat, and it can be pressed properly by rubbing downwards. This method has the effect of relieving cough and reducing phlegm.

After summer, the air starts to dry, there are many allergens, it is easy to violate some allergic people, and often cause asthma. People with a history of asthma are extremely sensitive to changes in the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere, and have a weak ability to adapt, which can easily induce bronchial asthma due to upper respiratory infections. Those with a history of asthma should try to find out the allergens that may cause asthma, and avoid contact with allergens. Secondly, it is necessary to add clothes , bedding and adjust the temperature of the air conditioner to prevent cold as the temperature changes. Also pay attention to strengthen nutrition, pay attention to exercise.

The method of self-care is as follows: put four fingers together and place the thumbs on both sides of the trachea of ​​the neck, perform rhythmic pinching, and use gentle and gentle exertion, from top to bottom, from Lianquan to Tiantu , repeat -2 minutes.

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