Lichun prevention of 4 diseases

The beginning of spring means that the cold weather will gradually warm up. Which diseases should Lichun prevent? Chinese medicine reveals that six or nine heads are hit in spring and 4 diseases are prevented in Lichun!

TCM believes that the onset of hypertension is too closely related to the rise of liver qi and liver yang. In spring, people with hyperactivity of liver and yang are particularly prone to headaches and dizziness. Therefore, remind the majority of hypertensive patients, once you feel dizzy, sore head, in addition to repeatedly monitoring your blood pressure, timely adjustment of antihypertensive drugs under the guidance of a doctor, but also pay attention to light diet, control salt, cholesterol, fat Intake, strictly quit smoking and limit alcohol.

Stomach and duodenal ulcers are easy to occur in the spring, causing symptoms such as upper abdominal bloating, pain, frequent belching, acid reflux, and loss of appetite. Therefore, the spleen and stomach should be fully recuperated in spring.

Spring is the season when rapeseed flowers are blooming. In our country, folks are known as cauliflower yellow, idiots are busy. Therefore, in the spring, we must pay attention to strictly supervising patients with mental illness to comply with doctor s orders and conduct regular treatment, and we must not interrupt drugs without authorization.

Of Liver diseases that are likely to worsen in the spring include chronic viral hepatitis and primary liver cancer. At the same time, spring is also the best time to treat liver disease. Liver trees are in spring, and the vitality of liver trees is strong . At this time, effective treatment can achieve more results with less effort.

In addition, people should appropriately adjust their work and rest habits. They should lie down and get up early, wear loose clothes, stretch their bodies, do more outdoor activities, overcome laziness and sleepiness, breathe more fresh air, stretch their bones, and enhance the body s ability to adapt to and adjust to the climate.

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