Lose weight but unsuccessful, is not your way to lose weight wrong, but ignored the reason for obesity

Always lose weight, but always unsuccessful, is not your way to lose weight wrong, but ignored the reason for obesity. So the most important thing to lose weight is to find out the cause of obesity first.

One gram of oil can provide 9 kcal of heat. The western fast food with fried and fried meat as the main food has the highest oil content. Therefore, fast food is the food with the highest heat content.

In addition, under the high temperature of several Baidu, the fried oil is originally the fatty acid of body nutrients, which is oxidized to toxic oil harmful to the body. Not only that, the nutrients on the surface of meat, fruits and vegetables and grains become carcinogenic toxins after being fried, which will increase the chance of colorectal cancer or breast cancer in old age.

Western fast food is scary in calories, and Chinese fast food may not be all good. In order to increase the taste and flavor of dishes and attract customers, general fast food restaurants will put more oil in the cooking (some of which are still inferior). A normal meal with ribs has about seven or eight thousand calories. And the heat of a bowl of oily spareribs can reach one thousand calories.

The 7-11 boxed rice, rice balls, stews and sandwiches are the most popular food for lunch. However, the taste has never been updated, and there will be no seasonal change, so it is a disadvantage As far as the nutritional value is concerned, it can only be said that it can fill the stomach. Compared with KFC, McDonald’s and so on, it is at least a decent meal. What needs to be reminded is that the nutritional value of a good stew can be really average. Especially the bottom of the soup, it is better not to eat for a long time. Once in a while, it’s OK.

Scientists have pointed out that there is a kind of leptin in the human body, also known as anti obesity factor, which is the main hormone to reduce hunger, and it controls our preference for food. People who lack leptin like all kinds of food and eat a lot, so they end up super fat.

There is a process of natural recovery in the early recovery of a serious disease. At this time, appetite often soars, and people who have not slept well in the past often sleep in bed. Non major consumptive diseases, such as trauma, birth control surgery, appendectomy, hysterectomy, ovariectomy and so on, will be plump if they are kept for too long, eat too much, exercise too little.

In fact, eating well and having a good rest is only the basic condition of rehabilitation, not the only one. We must not ignore the positive effect of exercise on rehabilitation, and it is also an effective way to prevent obesity after illness. After the disease, when the appetite is very strong, we should pay attention to control the diet.

When we lose weight, we often make the following plans for ourselves: do 30 sit ups a day, reduce the food intake by half, and make sure to reduce 5kg in a month. Is it too high to set the goal? This is the reason for frustration. It is the root of failure to lose weight too much. It is only to implement it in a relaxed mood.

It is suggested that only by doing gymnastics or massage in a relaxed mood can you achieve full effect. Do not force yourself to lose weight. In fact, you also know that losing weight is not just a frown. You need to keep it constant to succeed.

Due to the accelerated pace of life, people are constantly busy dealing with various problems that need to be solved. As time goes by, the time of sleep is gradually deprived. Lack of sleep for a long time can affect the eating and circulation of the body’s biological clock, and also reduce the content of a protein called leptin in the blood.

When people are asleep, even if they are hungry, they will not get up to eat right away. But when staying up late, the stomach is more likely to feel hungry, unconsciously eating in the extra calories.

British scientists have found a genetic variant that regulates the amount of fat in the body. The average weight of people with this gene variant is 1.2kg more than those without it.

The main reason is busy work, there is no time to exercise, and 73% of the workplace, there is no attached fitness facilities. Relying on e-mail and Internet to communicate with colleagues in the workplace, rather than walking to other colleagues’ offices to discuss business, is the reason for obesity. In addition, often eat lunch outside, is the main reason for obesity. Employees should take advantage of the rest time at noon, go to the gym for sports, or simply have a self prepared healthy lunch, and then go out for a walk, which is good for the body and can control the weight. When employees face pressure, they often use snacks to solve the problem, but snacks are the biggest killer of weight loss. Experts suggest that the best way to control weight is to put a bottle of water on the table at work and drink it at any time, instead of the bad habit of eating snacks.

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