Natural penicillin foods to relieve flu symptoms

It’s another flu season. Headache must explode, tears “flow”, I wish to find a “prescription” to drive away these tormenting symptoms. As we all know, the “partial prescription” may be around us. The doctor of Internet medicine network of the United States has recommended several kinds of food prescriptions to relieve the symptoms of influenza.
Chicken soup: known as “natural penicillin”, one bowl a day can help relieve flu symptoms. It can not only supplement protein and water, but also has certain anti-inflammatory function.
Oyster: it contains a lot of zinc. Research published in Canada in 2012 shows that zinc can reduce the time of cold in adults. A medium-sized oyster is all you need for zinc a day.
Garlic: it can kill bacteria and relieve sore throat and cough. 1-2 cloves of garlic a day can achieve the effect. Allicin is the main component of sterilization. In order to make it better precipitate and play its role, it is the best way to eat it raw after cutting and standing for 10-15 minutes. In addition, you can make a cup of garlic tea, put the chopped garlic into the boiling water, soak for a few minutes, and drink when the temperature is not hot.
Ginger: the cold is due to the cold. You may as well neutralize it with ginger. Ginger can stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes, thus reducing the symptoms of nausea. In addition to adding shredded ginger when cooking, ginger can also be used to make tea. Add about 500ml of cold water, add about 2cm of fresh ginger shreds, boil them, then chill them for 5-10min, air them to room temperature, then drink them, and add some honey for seasoning.
Hot tea: green tea, oolong and black tea contain many anti disease antioxidants, and the heat of tea can alleviate the sense of lung obstruction. In hot tea with some honey and lemon juice, can also alleviate the symptoms of throat itching.

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