New method of wrinkle removal: stem cell wrinkle removal

As time goes by, aging becomes a problem that every female friend must face. Wrinkles can easily reveal the age of female friends, and wrinkle removal has become one of the topics that women pay attention to. With the rapid development of modern science and technology , the technical methods applied to skin beauty and plastic surgery have also become more and more advanced. Now a new method of wrinkle removal has been developed-stem cell wrinkle removal surgery.

What is a stem cell? In fact, the so-called stem cell is a type of origin cell. Stem cells can be divided into two types: totipotent stem cells and tissue stem cells. Totipotent stem cells can develop and differentiate to form a complete body. Tissue stem cells are the cells of origin of one or several tissues. Humans with totipotent stem cells can develop into adults, and cloned humans or cloned animals start with embryonic stem cells.

Stem cells have a wide range of uses and involve many medical fields. Related to this, technology is also developing rapidly, and people are becoming more and more aware of it. Scientists have been able to identify, isolate, purify, expand and culture human embryonic stem cells, primitive embryonic stem cells and a variety of tissue stem cells in vitro. This will inevitably lead to a revolution in science and technology, and new technologies to regenerate normal and even young tissues and organs. This new technology for reconstructing tissues and organs will allow anyone to use their own or others stem cells and stem cell-derived new tissues and organs to replace diseased or aging tissues and organs. When you are older, you can use your own or other infants or young children to collect and save stem cells and their derived tissues and organs. Then the illusion of immortality that humans have long pursued is no longer a dream.

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