Old people are more prone to falling

The elderly are more likely to fall, and early preventive measures will help to reduce the risk of falls and improve the quality of life of the elderly. According to a new article on the website of health day, Dr. Jackson rice, Department of basic nursing at Loyola University in Chicago, suggests that the following four categories of elderly should be more careful.

An old man with unstable blood pressure. Antihypertensive drugs can cause blood pressure instability, dizziness and other problems. When such an old man gets up from sitting or lying position, he must slow down. Before starting, he should pause for a while, and then walk when he feels stable. In addition, the elderly timely supplement water, help to prevent low blood pressure, and then prevent falling.

Old people with poor vascular elasticity. The decrease of blood vessel elasticity will directly affect the quality of blood flow, which will lead to the weakening of blood flow back to the heart in the body (especially in legs and extremities), and the insufficiency of blood supply to the heart and brain will inevitably lead to dizziness. Therefore, you must not get up too fast. You’d better grasp the fixed objects around you before walking, wait a little, and then move.

Old people with hypoglycemia. Another major cause of falls is hypoglycemia. This is more common in people with diabetes. Experts said that the elderly taking hypoglycemic drugs must ensure diet to prevent hypoglycemia and increase the risk of falling or more serious health. It is very important to measure blood sugar frequently. If hypoglycemia occurs, it is better to drink some juice or take a piece of hard sugar.

An old man with poor eyesight. Many old people suffer from severe eye diseases, such as cataract and glaucoma. If you can’t see clearly, it will directly affect your body’s balance ability. If you don’t pay attention, you will easily fall. Experts suggest that the elderly should have their eyesight checked regularly. In addition, the light in the old man’s room should not be too dark.

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