Psychological weight loss method

Modern people attach great importance to psychological quality and psychology. In life, psychology occupies a large part. In the life center, it brings us a lot of guidance, including weight loss. Here, the editor would like to introduce several powerful psychological weight-loss methods, which can make you lose weight naturally and reduce unnecessary pain.

This is a very effective way to cheat myself. You know, the “psychology” in the evening is quite different from the “psychology” in the morning. We can use the gap between them to lose weight. I mentioned this method in “lose 17 kg, my own psychological war with myself” – at that time, I went out to eat every dinner as usual, but I kept the dinner intact “out” in the refrigerator and kept it frozen until the next day In the morning. The advantage of this method is that when you look at this rich dinner and can’t eat it, you don’t feel helpless. You can tell yourself: “I will still eat some of them, but I will stay intact until the next morning!” Interestingly, the next morning, you will find that you are not hungry. After you take it out of the refrigerator and microwave it, the food will not be so delicious. In the case of limited appetite in the morning, this rich dinner can’t be eaten at breakfast. If it can’t be eaten, throw it away immediately. It’s a pity that you’ll succeed in the day. Repeat the same move to breakfast the next day later that night. Of course, here is just an example, a method of psychological suggestion, not necessarily to do so.

If you don’t want to “skip dinner,” there are other ways. For example, supermarkets are selling weight-loss meals that they can feel full of. The diet that can “cheat oneself” is “water”! Water does not taste, will not trigger appetite, but also to their stomach to maintain a long-term “sense of fullness.”. Experts pointed out that people’s bodies often mistakenly include “thirst” into the “belly hunger” feeling. Therefore, it is suggested that, especially before three meals, you must drink a lot of boiled water first, and you will find that the hunger feeling is less than half! Amazing! In addition, most of the office workers don’t drink enough water. I also saw that some of my colleagues used to come to work without water bottles at all. There was nothing on the table but tea cups. Every day, they had a cup of hot tea to support the whole day. In fact, if you drink more water, and drink a lot of it, it will not only speed up the metabolic cycle, but also “trick” office workers to run toilets and exercise all the time.

When you are on a diet, it is very painful. Remember that you must not do ordinary things at this time. For example, office workers should only eat fruit meal at noon, and the smell of meat noodle next door is constantly coming. What should we do? What should I do? At this time, you can start to surf the Internet, learn a few Japanese words and recite a few English words. In the future, whenever you have to eat less and suffer, remember to learn a few Japanese words and recite a few English words. This way, you can skillfully turn the emptiness of not eating into a real “sense of achievement”. Although the sense of achievement can’t “eat”, the happiness is enough to barely resist the emptiness of not eating!

Benson pointed out that on page 72 of the Chinese version of secret, it was mentioned that several things must be understood before weight loss. First, the book says, “the idea of weight loss” must be eliminated from the mind. The book says, because, it, unexpectedly is precisely the reason of dieting failure! The book points out that when you’re overweight, it’s because of your “thought”. Because you don’t have “thin idea”, but “fat idea”, it leads to more serious obesity. The book points out three steps: demand, believe, and even receive. By imagination, you can imagine that you feel better than you are, and believe that you have succeeded. In this way, you can do what thin people do, and finally become a handsome thin person.

Overweight people, it should also be because they like to eat snacks, high calorie food, will come to such a field, right! So, in general, the first thing you think about is “don’t eat these foods”, but it also makes your mood fall. At first, it was painful, but you couldn’t lose weight. Therefore, WebMD’s article introduces a practical way to “cheat yourself”, which is to still let yourself eat the favorite food, and you can eat it every day. However, every time you eat, you only eat “a little”. A higher way to cheat yourself is not to buy a whole bag at a time, but only one small bag at a time. You have to go to the store to buy every time you want to eat.

Another way to cheat yourself is to turn three meals into six, but each meal is very few; even nine, each meal is super small. According to academic research, people who eat 4-5 meals a day can control their appetite, which may be related to their belief that they can eat again without waiting too long. However, although there are a few and many meals, the last meal must be dinner. After seven o’clock in the evening, the principle of not eating will be strictly observed, and this move will be effective.

Ben Lin Lin Jiufu also pointed out that he thought he could bet with people he liked, because he liked each other, so he was willing to change his weight for each other! I think this method is very interesting. It means that I will tell the person I like about weight loss. Even if I don’t make a real bet, I will not want to let the other party down. Moreover, I always want to lose weight for her and for her, and the effect will come out. Even if there is no her, put up a giant beauty poster in the room, lose weight while thinking about falling asleep in hunger for her, for her, which sounds very effective!

Ben Lin and Lin Jiufu also think that motivation is very important. First, find out why you need to lose weight? It can’t be a feeling, but a clear purpose. It’s better to conform to the principle of S.M.A.R.T: S. (specific): specific, M. (measurable): measurable, A. (agreed upon): approbatable, R. (realistic): practical, T. (timely): definite time. For example: you can wear good-looking clothes (specific) if you reduce 10kg, because you can reduce 10kg size by one size (measurable), because it will be healthier and better-looking (recognizable), because you can reduce 10kg by as much as possible (actual), you need to reduce 10kg within six months (time is clear), find out your real purpose of weight loss, and implant it into your subconscious! List the goal, according to the table exercise class, finally is the firm confidence!

Kevin sun’s idea is more direct, he said, to lose weight successfully, not to reward but to punish! Which carrot or stick works? He quoted Business Weekly – to lose weight reward is better than to punish one article. Some scholars have studied more than 2000 participants and divided them into three groups. The first group has no reward, the second group has a fixed bonus every quarter if they lose weight, the third group has to pay a monthly fee as punishment, and they can get a refund after losing weight. After one year, the punishment group has an average weight loss of 3.6 The reward group lost 1.4 pounds on average, while the penalty group lost 1.9 pounds more than the non reward group.

Benson Chen mentioned an interesting way, which was mentioned in the time magazine at the beginning of this month. It turns out that the reason why people can’t lose weight in sports is because of people’s psychology. After sports or after a day’s tiredness, they will always enjoy their mentality. At this time, they will eat and drink a lot, but become fat, especially after sports. As Benson described, fat kills you! All the sports you just did are for nothing! It’s better to stay at home and sit on the sofa and watch Kangxi come. The muscles used for laughing are all useful if they don’t work well. You can only have remote control on your hand, not food.

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