Repair after liposuction to restore skin elasticity

Liposuction to lose weight is a method that modern women are more enthusiastic about. It can help weight loss people lose weight quickly, and the effect is significant. However, after the liposuction is completed, the skin may be uneven. What causes it? How can we solve it? Let s find out with Xiaobian together.

For this problem, experts said that this situation is mainly due to excessive liposuction or wrong procedures, which hurt the fat layer close to the skin, causing the skin to collapse and fold, so it is necessary to understand the doctor s liposuction level before liposuction surgery.

1. After liposuction, massage the affected part of the skin frequently, so that it helps the overall skin circulation, can help the skin to be smooth and even, restore elasticity, and reduce wrinkles.

2. Wear a corset after surgery to eliminate the cavity of the fat layer after liposuction, reduce the blood stasis and swelling at the surgical site, and make the skin flap and subcutaneous tissue heal tightly.

3. If you haven t responded in half a year, you can use light therapy to shape your body to achieve the effect of smoothing the skin. Generally speaking, healthy skin has a certain degree of elasticity. Due to the contraction of the elastic fibers of the skin, the skin will automatically retract. If you use phototherapy to shape your body after liposuction, you can achieve smooth skin lines and tighten your skin.

1. The strength and weakness of the original skin elasticity and toughness will affect the time and effect of postoperative recovery. Therefore, if you want to try liposuction, it is best to be between 20-50 years old. In addition, due to local or general anesthesia, it is inevitable to damage the microvascular tissue of the liposuction site, such as hypertension, heart disease and endocrine system diseases, or people with coagulation disorders, it is not suitable to try easily.

3. It is necessary to master the uniformity when liposuction, neither too shallow nor too deep. Too shallow will cause skin necrosis, and pumping too deep may pump into the muscles and cause unevenness.

4. Liposuction surgery also needs to master the problem of degree. For example, when pumping abdominal fat, some subcutaneous fat should be left. Pumping the fat too clean will cause a skinny feeling, leaving a little fat can not only cause a slim effect, but also not bone thin. It is best to pump the part full, but not bloated.

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