Six questions on liposuction shaping

People often ask after liposuction, how much can I lose weight? This is actually a misunderstanding. Because the proportion of fat is very light, and its volume is very large for obese people (somewhat like the relationship between cotton and iron), the appearance of liposuction after liposuction changes much more than the change of weight. This is how your ideal curvaceous beauty is created.

After adulthood, the number of fat cells in the body is constant. The main cause of obesity is the increase in the volume of fat cells. Weight-loss drugs and various fitness activities only temporarily reduce the volume of fat cells, not reduce the number of fat cells, so this contraction will naturally recover after a period of time. This is the basic reason why ordinary weight loss is particularly difficult. Liposuction is a method of sucking a large amount of fat from the body through surgery to achieve the effect of weight loss. It is conceivable that even if the remaining cell volume is expanded, its effect is very limited, so the effect of liposuction to lose weight is very good!

Obesity can be divided into two types: general obesity and local obesity. Liposuction is naturally a good way to lose weight for people who are obese all over the body. But now there are many people who have a good figure, but with the increase of age, the body part gradually increases. The old style disappears. This is local obesity. Because liposuction can be used to lose weight, that is, if you want to lose weight, you can lose weight, so the effect on these people is quite ideal. It is definitely not a dream to restore the original figure..

With the continuous improvement of liposuction equipment and the continuous improvement of surgeon s skills, liposuction is a safe operation at present, with few complications or side effects.

After Lipsuction surgery, it is often necessary to perform pressure bandaging on the liposuction site or wear elastic pants. The purpose is to prevent bleeding in the surgical area after surgery, prevent excessive growth of postoperative induration, shorten the recovery time after surgery, and help shape remodeling. Generally, it is about January to February in summer and about February to February in winter. Without the doctor s permission, the pressure bandaging must not be loosened, otherwise it may lead to some completely avoidable complications.

Liposuction, like other surgeries, requires some recovery time. Generally, except for the cheeks, neck, and buttocks, there is no need to restrict activities or rest. After liposuction, other parts often need to rest for 24 hours. After that, you can do some simple and appropriate activities. The suture was removed 7 days after the operation. In the early postoperative period, there may be reactions such as dullness, stiff skin, and uneven surfaces, but the duration will not be long. Early and proper exercise and good mood are conducive to recovery after surgery.

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