Some things in particular need to be slowed down for the elderly

For the elderly, if some daily actions are too urgent and fast, it may bring adverse effects on the elderly’s blood pressure, heart, coordination ability and other aspects, thus causing damage to the body. So, some things in particular need to be slowed down.

It is easy to have cerebrovascular accident in the morning. The elderly with heart disease and high blood pressure should not be too anxious after waking up in the morning. When waking up, they can lie down for a while, stretch their waist and make the blood flow slowly. When sitting up, do not move to the bedside immediately. You can rest on the head of the bed for a while, which can improve the state of brain blood supply, in case of insufficient brain blood supply.

Some old people don’t want to get up in the middle of the night to urinate. When they wake up in the morning, they feel urgent and can’t wait to go to the bathroom. But if micturition is too fast, bladder emptying may cause dizziness and even micturition syncope. Therefore, old friends urinate as slowly as possible, not too fast and too hard. When standing upright or squatting, they should hold the support by hand.

Drink water too fast, water will quickly enter the blood, make the blood thinning, blood volume increase, the elderly or people with bad heart, will appear chest tightness, shortness of breath and other symptoms. The right way to drink water is to pour a cup of warm boiled water, moisten the mouth with a small mouth first, then swallow it slowly, drink it with a small mouth, drink 250 ~ 300ml.

For the elderly, if the chewing is not fine, coarse food will increase the burden on the stomach. The old man must chew carefully and swallow slowly when eating. It’s better to chew 25-50 times for a meal to help digest the food.

Turn around slowly. Many old people often suffer from dizziness and dizziness due to the decline of heart function and cerebral artery, the decrease of vascular elasticity, and the change of body position. People with moderate to severe cervical problems may also faint if they turn around suddenly. So when you do the turning back, don’t move too fast or too far.

It is easy to cause postural hypotension and flash back if you bend your head down too fast or raise your head abruptly. It is better for the elderly to avoid this kind of action as much as possible. If you have to pick up something, you’d better hold the table and chair to make your body have a point of force.

The old people have poor control and poor legs and feet. For example, if they want to put their feet on the steps, they may just hang their feet in the air. When they realize that the situation is not right, they cannot correct it in time. Therefore, it’s better for the elderly to walk up and down the stairs with hands on the railings and slowly, do not stride as much as possible, wait for the feet to be all in one step, and then go to the next step, so as to reduce the joint load-bearing, which is particularly important for the elderly with osteoporosis, and can greatly reduce the risk of falls and fractures.

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