Spring anti-manic must first nourish the liver

Chinese medicine believes that spring mania is mainly related to liver activity. Liver qi is generally relatively strong in spring, and the spirit of the person will be relatively radiant. From the state of not being able to live at home in winter, he will start to go out and become active outside. Some people who are irritable and have a strong liver irritability, or under pressure, can easily follow the sudden rise of external yang, causing liver heat in the body, causing irritability, upset, dissatisfaction, insomnia, and temper tantrums Performance.

Hunchun manic should first nourish the liver. Traditional Chinese medicine talks about resting blood to return to the liver. Sleep is the prerequisite for nourishing the liver and blood. In this season, you can t stay up all night. You should ensure adequate rest and adhere to a regular life.

In addition, I also want to introduce you to a set of tuning trilogy, that is, understanding, accepting and managing, which is very helpful to alleviate the bad emotions such as irritability, anxiety, and anger in life.

I have troubles for everyone, the key is how to respond. When emotions such as anxiety come, you should first understand your current emotions, be aware of it, and then think about where this emotion comes from, because of what.

Then face up to your emotions. Some people force themselves to endure when they are upset, or forget about it by doing other things. In fact, this is not conducive to emotional grooming, which can easily lead to malaise. The correct way is to accept emotions and not refuse the natural expression of the seven emotions.

Finally, take a proactive approach to managing your emotions. When faced with irritability, anxiety and other emotions, on the one hand, you can adjust the pressure by swimming, walking, playing ball, etc.; On the other hand, you must learn to express, often tell your confidants and family members about your unhappiness, or use a diary to do self-expression., Or go out for a walk, go outing, shout, sing, and jump in the natural environment, let out the irritability , and the feelings will naturally be peaceful.

In addition, there must be a sense of satisfaction above and below, not too much pressure, do not put too much pressure on yourself, maintain peace of mind, harmonize interpersonal relationships, and it is also good for mental adjustment.

It is a long-term thing to reconcile God s health, just like the practice of life, but it still has a way to follow. The above trilogy is the secret of health experts to keep happy, everyone can give it a try.

At the same time, the spring diet should be less sour and sweet, while protecting the spleen and stomach while preventing excessive liver qi. You can often drink some jujube and yam porridge, which has a sweet and delicious smell, and has the effects of nourishing the liver and strengthening the spleen and soothing the nerves. People who are irritated with liver and fire can easily press or press three points of Dadun, Xingjian and Taichong at the instep of moxibustion. About 10 minutes a day can clear the liver, relieve fire, and calm the eyes.

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