Spring exercise can solve spring difficulties

Before and after the vernal equinox, the weather turns warm, and people often feel sleepy. This is spring sleepiness. Spring sleepiness is inevitable, but it affects work efficiency, especially driver friends should pay attention to driving safety and beware of spring sleepiness.

The weather is warm and people become lazy. Spring sleepiness is like an infectious disease, which makes everyone yawn. In fact, spring sleepiness is not a disease. It is a physiological phenomenon in which the physiological functions of the human body are adjusted accordingly with the change of natural seasons. In winter, in order to prevent heat emission, the skin and microvessels are in a state of tension and contraction, maintaining the body s physiological constant temperature and central nervous system excitement information, and the human brain is relatively awake. In spring, the temperature is moderate, the skin and microvessels are in a state of relaxation, the blood supply on the body surface is increased, and the blood flowing into the brain is correspondingly reduced, so the sleepy spring sleepiness phenomenon occurs.

Relieving springtime sleepiness can t be achieved by just sleeping more. Exercise can greatly speed up the brain s response to processing information and effectively prevent springtime sleepiness. In spring, it is best to take more activities in sunny and green places, take more deep breaths, provide the brain with fresh and sufficient oxygen, make people feel comfortable, refreshed, and eliminate drowsiness.

It is best to use aerobic exercises, such as jogging, Pilates, yoga, and Tai Chi, to eliminate springtime sleep. These exercises can speed up the body s metabolism, enhance immunity, and increase oxygen supply to the body and brain. For example, Pilates can exercise parts of the body that are difficult to exercise with ordinary aerobic exercise. Problems such as shoulder pain, backache or muscle discomfort caused by sedentary can be improved by Pilates.

It is warm and cold in spring, so the intensity should not be too large when performing aerobic exercise. You can choose to brisk walk 3 times a week for 30 minutes each, and the cadence is controlled at 60 to 80 steps per minute. In addition, combined with yoga, Pilates, and Taijiquan, it can move joints, relax muscles, and relieve physical and mental fatigue.

Air There is no air in the office, and it is easy to get sleepy after working for a long time. The secret of office sports is to choose sports that are simple, easy, and can achieve good relaxation in a short time. You can do whole body stretching to improve concentration, half an hour a day.

In addition, proper head massage can also play a good role in refreshing the brain. Put your fingers together, press your fingertips lightly on the temple, turn it clockwise 6 times, and turn it counterclockwise 6 times.

Put your hands on the forehead, and arrange the fingers and fingers in order. Start pressing from the midline of the eyebrow to the midline of the forehead, the midline of the head, the center of the head, and the depression in the hairline behind the pillow (wind pool acupoint). Repeat 6 times.

Put your hands on the forehead, arrange the fingers and fingers in order, and gently press the sides from the center of the eyebrow to the temples, and repeat 6 times.

Using both hands and four fingers, start from the occipital bone of the back of the head, massage the scalp with a light and deep upward spiral motion, and gradually walk up to massage the entire scalp. Feel that your scalp is relaxed, just remove tension.

Cover both ears with both hands, and put your fingers behind your head. Keep the fingers on your left and right hands as close as possible, and then use your four fingers to hit the back of your head like a piano, and count 36 times in your heart.

Finally, do the comb action. The method is to flex your hands with ten fingers slightly, brush the hair from the forehead hairline to the back of the head, brush the hair while rubbing the scalp, and repeat this action at least 10 times.

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