Spring health and disease prevention should start from the details

  In Chinese medicine, the spring equinox weather is unstable, and morning and evening temperatures are low, which not only easily induces the elderly and infirm and the susceptible to the disease. For sub-healthy people who have been in high-intensity work and high stress for a long time, we must pay attention To prevent possible not sick in the future, it is recommended that citizens pay attention to adjust their living habits during this time. If you are as few as possible in crowded places, you can use your living environment to perform simple fitness exercises, such as climbing stairs, skipping ropes, etc. It is not easy to exercise too early. When you wake up early, you can use fresh salt water to gargle. It is not easy to open the window every day for ventilation, and it is more suitable after 9 o clock.

  It is reported that there are a lot of folks about the diet of spring, and Chinese medicine has a lot of attention, commonly known as spring. Experts suggest that in this season, you can eat more sweets such as red dates and spleen , as well as honey, leek, spinach, etc., eat less sour and spicy food. In addition, nut foods, such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds, and peach kernels, should be supplemented at least three times a week to help refresh and remove dryness, and itching. And at daily lunches, it is also suitable to add stew foods, such as carrot rib soup, ginkgo black chicken soup, etc., which can not only supplement the body s water needs during the seasonal transition , but also increase the intake of protein, which helps to strengthen the body s resistance force.

  Although the weather is gradually warming after the spring equinox, the temperature difference between day and night is still large, and there are still cold currents from time to time. At this time, pay attention to adding or removing quilts. Clothing can be thick and thin, pay attention to lower limbs and feet to keep warm, it is best to be able to sweat slightly to dispel the cold evils latent in winter. The elderly and children generally have poor resistance and are susceptible to infectious diseases such as colds or rubella . At this time, they should pay more attention to adding and removing quilts at the appropriate time.

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