Spring liver nourishing method

The vernal equinox is the midpoint of the ninety days in spring, and the day and night are equal in the northern and southern hemispheres. From this day, the direct sun position gradually moves north, and the length of day and night in the northern and southern hemispheres will change accordingly. Days and nights in the northern hemisphere will be short, while the southern hemisphere will be the opposite.

As soon as the vernal equinox arrives, the rainfall will increase significantly, and the average ground temperature in China has passed 10 degrees, which is the spring temperature defined by climatology. Ouyang Xiu also had a wonderful description of the spring equinox: When the South Park is in the middle of the spring, the wind and the horse are hissing, the green plum is like a bean willow and the eyebrows are flying, and the sun is flying. Regardless of the north and south, the spring equinox is a great time for the spring to blend …

Experts say that the spring is the best season of the year, when the yang blooms, the earth rejuvenates, Vientiane renews, and is full of vitality. Spring health must conform to the characteristics of the beginning of all things in spring. According to the nature of nature, spring belongs to the wood, corresponding to the liver, the liver is drained, and the purpose is to anger, depression and happiness, and to regulate the liver is the core purpose of spring health.

The spring massage is mainly based on the bile meridian. Because the liver and gallbladder are in the surface, the liver meridian is yin, and the bile meridian is yang. To achieve the role of liver and Qi.

1. Bend over, pat each side of the two lower legs with both hands, from the outer ankle to the outside of the knee joint, mainly Yanglingquan, Yangjiao, and Jiegu, pat 5-10 times, 2 minutes / time, with local slight pain as Should be, the frequency is 100 times / minute;

2. Half-bend, pat the outside of the thigh, from the outside of the knee joint to the buttocks, mainly Liangqiu, Fengshi, Kluang, and ring jump, pat 5-10 times, 2 minutes / time, it is appropriate to feel pain locally, Frequency 100 times / minute;

3. Straighten the waist in an upright position, pat the sides of the abdomen and the sides of the thorax until the level of the two breasts, mainly with veins and chapter doors, pat 5-10 times, 2 minutes / time, and it is advisable to locally feel pain. The frequency is 100 times / minute.

4. Bend over, clenches with both hands, and hit the waist with the above fists and eyes, mainly lumbar eyes, Mingmen, Shenshu, slap for 5-10 minutes, 2 minutes / time, it is appropriate to locally feel pain, the frequency is 100 times / minute; It is advisable to massage yourself twice a day.

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