Summer health precautions

The heat stroke is an alternating period from heat to coolness. The natural yang energy tends to converge from dredging, and the rise and fall of the yin and yang energy in the human body also changes accordingly. Therefore, from the perspective of health, the daily routine should be adjusted accordingly.

Experts say that increasing sleep for an hour and ensuring a quality nap can keep you mental, and also save energy and build energy before winter comes. Especially for the elderly, with the increase of age, the qi, blood, yin and yang of the elderly will suffer, and there will be a phenomenon of lack of day and night. Therefore, you can fall asleep early in the evening, and adhere to the good habit of nap. Even if you can t sleep, closing your eyes and keeping your mind up is good for your body.

According to media reports, modern research has found that at 0 to 4 o clock at night, the functions of all organs in the body are reduced to the lowest point; 12 to 13 noon is the most fatigued time for the human sympathetic nerve. Statistics have shown that taking a nap in the elderly can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, the meridian consciousness has both the significance of disease prevention and health care, and it also accords with the principle of health.

Illness comes from the mouth, diet and disease can easily be linked. After the heatstroke, the temperature difference between morning and evening begins to change significantly. The stomach and stomach cannot accept the stimulus of cold and heat, the secretion of gastric acid increases, the gastrointestinal cramps contract, and the resistance and adaptability will decrease accordingly. At this time, some gastrointestinal diseases are prone to occur. Patients with chronic gastrointestinal disorders often experience symptoms such as acid reflux, bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal pain . Coupled with improper diet, this discomfort can be further exacerbated, so care must be taken in diet.

From a health point of view, the summer heat is suitable for eating foods that are soothing and calming, such as Tremella, lily, lotus seeds, honey, yellow croaker, scallops, kelp, jellyfish, celery, spinach, glutinous rice, sesame, beans and milk, but these foods Do not eat too much at one time. In addition, as the climate gradually dries, the lungs in the body are on duty. At this time, you can eat more nourishing yin, moist and dry food to prevent dryness and evil damage. Such as pear, rock sugar, white fungus, ginseng, duck and other foods to nourish yin and health, or astragalus, codonopsis, squid, turtle, and other foods can improve health.

Of course, eating more fruits and vegetables can play the role of refreshing and moistening, heat and laxative, and can supplement the body fluids. You should eat less or no fried foods, as these foods can aggravate the symptoms of autumn dryness.

The The common sense of health in autumn reminds that the meaning of spring cover autumn freeze is to keep the body temperature not high in autumn, which is conducive to convergence of yang. Because when the heat goes out, there must be a cold exchange. However, when going out at night, you need to add clothes to protect the yang. At the same time, it will be cooler sooner or later. Pay attention to adding clothes.

睡 Night sleep should close the doors and windows, and the abdomen cover is thin. In autumn, pay attention to keeping the stomach warm to prevent the autumn wind from circulating and cooling the spleen and stomach. According to the rules of nature, yin qi increases and yang qi decreases in autumn, and the yang qi corresponding to the human body is adducted in order to store the yang qi in the body. However, as the weather turns cold, many people will feel lazy and tired. They can t get up in the morning and don t like to move during the day. This is often referred to as autumn deficiency in spring and autumn.

Because of this, we must ensure adequate sleep, change the habit of sleeping late in summer, strive to fall asleep before 10 pm, it is better to increase sleep by 1 hour than in summer, and ensure early bed and early rise. In addition , proper nap is also conducive to resolving the lack of autumn.

No matter what season, it is absolutely right to stick to exercise. The advantage of exercising after autumn is that in a gradually decreasing temperature environment, after a certain period of exercise, it can promote the body s material metabolism, increase heat production, and improve adaptability to low temperatures.

But for different seasons, the type and intensity of exercise should also be adjusted. In autumn, you can choose brisk walking, mountain climbing, and playing sports. For the elderly, exercise should be based on not tired. Doing something can not only promote blood circulation and speed up metabolism, but also help the elderly maintain good spirits throughout the day. The time for sports is suitable in the morning and evening. Since the outdoor weather is still hot at noon, outdoor activities during this period should be avoided.

The cold water bath exercise must take a gradual approach. For example, the temperature in the autumn gradually decreases, and the human body gradually adapts to the cold and cold water. It has been insisted that in the late autumn and winter, the cold water bath does not feel too cold. The cold water bath should be gradual, including the bathing area from local to the whole body, the water temperature from high to low, and the bathing time from short to long.

As long as the room temperature is not high during the day, it is not appropriate to turn on the air conditioner. In the autumn health precautions, it is pointed out that as many windows as possible should be opened in autumn to allow the air to flow, so that the air of autumn kills the damp air left by the summer heat in the room.

Indoor plants such as potted citrus, spider plant, zebra leaf rubber tree, asparagus and other green plants can regulate indoor air and increase oxygen content.

Plants with large leaves and water-loving properties such as loquat can also be kept in the bedroom to keep the air humidity at an optimal state. The living room is suitable for growing ivy, figs, and pitcher plants.

After the summer heat in Gongchu, the weather was getting colder, and people began to gradually transition from heat protection and cooling to cold protection and warmth. Everyone knows the reason that Han lives at his feet, and his feet are raised first, but he rarely notices that the navel is also vulnerable to cold. The epidermis of the belly button is the thinnest, and there is no fatty tissue under the skin, but it has abundant nerve endings and plexus, so it is particularly sensitive to external stimuli and it is the easiest to penetrate and diffuse.

If improper protection, such as sleeping at night to expose the abdomen, or a young and beautiful lady wearing a navel dress, cold air can easily penetrate the body through the navel. If the cold air goes straight into the stomach, it will cause acute abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting. If the cold air accumulates in the lower abdomen for a long time, it will also cause diseases of the urogenital system, such as chronic prostatitis in men, prostatic hyperplasia, impotence, dysmenorrhea in women, Irregular menstruation, and severe amenorrhea and infertility.

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