Summer is coming, you need to focus on your health.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is the main movement, and sedentary lack of exercise will hurt the spleen. Therefore, people who are sedentary at their desks are likely to become a dangerous group of people who suffer from heatstroke. If you look in the mirror , if your tongue is thick and yellow, you should be alert to the Shushu visit. According to Li Danping, chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin Fourth Central Hospital, the two types of wet often referred to as wet in Chinese medicine are divided into internal wetness and surface wetness. The wet process is relatively long; rain and heat stroke are surface wet and come and go quickly.

If you feel dizzy, do not wake up, fatigue, lack of oxygen, fatigue, and taste nothing, and there is a thick layer of yellow moss on the tongue coating, then the eight achievements are that there is dampness in the body Li Danping reminded that after the above symptoms, while actively seeking medical treatment, there should be adjustments in daily diet choices.

When you go to Shushu, you should pay more attention to eating dehumidified foods such as barley, watermelon, and winter melon. Regular consumption of indica rice has the effect of strengthening the spleen and dehumidifying. Watermelon peel is a medicine for dehumidifying, and you can eat some parts between the skin and the skin. The lotus leaves are mainly dehumidified.; Winter melon is best to remove the soft hair and cook it with skin, you can moisten it, or you can cook it with winter melon skin and mung bean, the ratio is 1: 2, winter melon accounts for 1, mung bean accounts for 2; During the summer, it is best to eat less fish and meat.

In terms of life, Li Danping reminded: try to keep the indoor environment as dry and ventilated as possible. If you have symptoms of summer wetness, don t stay in a humid room for long, let alone rain in the rain. If you sweat, you should wipe it off in time. Replace if wet.

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