The principle of health in spring should not exceed half an hour during lunch break

With the arrival of spring, the temperature has also risen rapidly. Many people can t wait to take off their winter clothes and put on light spring clothes, but many people still experience the phenomenon of spring sleepiness, and many office workers are unconscious and drowsy at work. Sleep, how do you solve spring sleepiness? How should you prevent spring sleepiness?

First of all, the sleep time in spring is getting shorter. Chinese medicine believes that yin qi sheng is rampant and yang qi sheng is rampant. In other words, when nature is full of anger, one should go to sleep, and when yang is full, one should wake up. Spring is longer than winter, and sleep time is shorter.

In addition, due to the rising temperature in spring, the body s body temperature will cause the blood supply mechanism to change, which is another reason for spring sleepiness. Yang Long said that the human body temperature has increased in spring. In order to adapt to this change, the blood distribution of the human body will be redistributed, and the blood in the skin and the periphery will increase, which will reduce the blood supply to important organs such as the brain. The lack of oxygen in the brain and insufficient blood in the heart can lead to fatigue and yawning.

To alleviate springtime difficulties, there should be a 15-30 minute siesta at noon. Even closing your eyes and recuperating can reduce fatigue. Yang Long said that some people think that they cannot sleep immediately after lunch, but this is actually a misunderstanding. After eating, the blood flow in the gastrointestinal tract will increase, the blood supply to the brain will further decrease, and it will be easier to become sleepy. At this time, the lunch break is also natural. However, it should be noted that the time for a lunch break should be limited to half an hour. If the nap time is too long, it is easy to reduce the desire for sleep at night and disrupt the original sleep pattern.

For night owls who often stay up late, spring is even more sleepy. Staying up late often hurts my body s function. Zeng Xianlan, an emergency department physician of the District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that at 9-11 pm, it is the time of lymphatic detoxification. This time needs rest, otherwise it will easily lead to physical fatigue and weakened immunity. The most serious thing is fatigue and depression. Colds, gastrointestinal infections, allergies, and other symptoms of autonomic disorders can occur.

For those who are accustomed to late sleep, they must fall asleep at the latest at 1 AM liver nourishment time. If you stay up late for a long time, you may experience neurological and psychiatric symptoms such as insomnia, forgetfulness, irritability, and anxiety .

And 7-9 am is the time for the small intestine to absorb nutrients, so ordinary people should take breakfast at around 7:30 in the morning. Zeng Xianlan said that the next day after staying up late, he would often have headaches and bloating during work or class, unable to concentrate, and even have headaches. Long-term staying up late and insomnia would have invisible damage to memory.

If you stay up late, and then add supper beer, it will easily lead to obesity. Zeng Xianlan said that the diet ingested after 8 pm, the body can not digest, nutrition is not balanced, and easy to cause obesity.

In addition to the effects on the body s immunity, staying up late may also cause memory loss, hearing loss, and the risk of heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Zeng Xian1 said that the secretion of hormones such as epinephrine of the stay -up family is higher than that of ordinary people, which increases the metabolic pressure and causes chronic diseases.

Climatic changes in spring, large temperature differences between morning and evening, is a period of high incidence of respiratory diseases such as influenza. Many citizens have put on beautiful spring clothes, and some citizens, infants, and the elderly with poor resistance have contracted influenza , chickenpox, measles, rubella, and hand-foot-mouth disease.

Recently, the reporter learned from the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Yongchuan Hospital affiliated to Chongqing Medical University that the number of cold and cough patients has increased, reminding the public that winter clothes should not be taken off too quickly and beware of respiratory diseases.

Bing According to Jiang Bing, a respiratory physician at Yongchuan Hospital affiliated to Zhongyi Hospital, due to the hot and cold weather in spring, colds, coughs, chronic bronchitis, and asthma are prone to occur, and individual patients may repeatedly experience cold symptoms such as cough and runny nose.

Qi Jiangbing reminded that to prevent respiratory diseases, it is necessary to maintain indoor ventilation and cleanliness. Use washable floor mats, avoid carpets that are difficult to clean, keep floors, ceilings, furniture, and walls clean to ensure a smooth drainage channel. Open windows frequently to keep indoors and surroundings clean.

Add more vitamins and inorganic salts to your diet. Have a regular life, ensure sleep, do not smoke, drink less alcohol, and pay attention to keep warm to prevent colds and improve their immunity. Fresh vegetables such as pakchoi, rapeseed, bell peppers, tomatoes and fruits such as citrus and lemon are rich in vitamin C and have antiviral effects; yellow-green vegetables such as carrots and amaranth are rich in vitamin A, which protects and strengthens the upper respiratory tract mucosa and The function of the epithelial cells of the respiratory organs, which can resist the invasion of various pathogenic factors; foods rich in vitamin E should also be consumed to improve the immune function of the human body and enhance the body s resistance to diseases. Such foods include sesame, cyan cabbage, cauliflower Wait.

In addition, start with strengthening your physique and improving your immunity. Young people can insist on exercising, such as jogging, boxing, and exercises, but they need to pay attention to their ability to avoid excessive fatigue. Maintaining proper exercise can not only promote the blood circulation of the body, enhance cardiopulmonary function, but also a beneficial exercise for the respiratory system. The elderly and babies, such as those with weak resistance, should go to crowded public places as little as possible. It is advisable to exercise indoors . Outdoor exercise is best after sunrise and when the air quality is good.

After the relevant experts explained the principles of spring health, do everyone have a great understanding of spring health? Spring is a vigorous season and a health season. Seize this opportunity and learn to maintain health and have a healthy life Lifestyle, healthy diet, I believe you will have a healthy life in the near future!

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