The summer season is here

Chushu is one of the twenty-four solar terms. During the summer season, the temperature has entered a significant change stage. The day is hot, the morning is cold, the temperature difference between day and night is large, precipitation is low, and air humidity is low. Traditional Chinese medicine points out that in the autumn, the yin qi increases and the yang qi decreases, and the yang qi corresponding to the human body is also adducted, which leads to a feeling of laziness and fatigue. After autumn. , Qiuzao syndrome is also obvious, and health care should be adjusted appropriately. Here we will introduce the four aspects of the following summer health:

After the summer, the temperature gradually decreased, and the daily temperature difference increased. At this time, in terms of living, we should pay attention to adding and removing clothes in accordance with the temperature. The summer heat and solar terms are in an alternating period from heat to coolness. The natural yang energy tends to converge from dredging, and the ups and downs of the yin and yang energy in the human body also change accordingly. At this time, the daily routine should be adjusted accordingly. Pay attention to sleeping Getting up early and going to bed early can avoid the killing qi in autumn, and getting up early can help the lungs stretch.

In the summer season, it is should be quiet and temperate. When it is summer, autumn will become more and more obvious, and nature will gradually appear a killing scene. At this time, people are prone to sad feelings, which is not conducive to human health. Therefore, in terms of mental rehabilitation, During the season, we must pay attention to the convergence of energy, calm the mind, make the emotions quiet, and avoid the ups and downs of emotions. Usually, you can listen to music, practice calligraphy, fishing, and other extracurricular activities.

The summer heat in the place where the liver is cold and the heart is weak, the lungs are prosperous, and the diet should increase salt and reduce Xin, help Qi and tendons, and nourish the spleen and stomach. Diet should eat more salty foods , such as can eat more loquat, sand Ge, Fan Ge, etc., less spicy foods such as ginger, shallots, garlic, leek, star anise, fennel and so on. On the other hand, you can also eat fresh fruits and vegetables, white fungus, lily, lotus seeds, honey, glutinous rice, sesame, beans and milk and other moist foods to prevent dryness and conform to the cleansing nature of the lungs. Conditioning.

Exercise should not be too much, try to choose a small amount of exercise, avoid sweating a lot, in order to hurt the yang, such as Ming? Gao Zhuo Zun Sheng Ba Jian sitting: Daily Yinshi (3-5 am) , Sitting, turning his head to the left and right, holding his hands with his back five to seven times each, and then moving his teeth thirty-six times, adjusting his breath and swallowing, swallowing fluid. You can also do more radio gymnastics , play Tai Chi, and walk.

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