There are many benefits to eating Chinese cabbage.

Want to lose weight, come to eat cabbage, cabbage has a very good weight-loss effect. It contains a large amount of crude fiber, which not only lubricates the intestine, but also eliminates toxins accumulated in the intestine, promotes excretion by the human body, and can be eaten regularly to lose weight.

Chinese cabbage is also a kind of vegetable with high calcium content. The calcium content of a cup of cooked Chinese cabbage juice is almost equal to that of a glass of milk. Some people do not like to drink milk or are not suitable to drink milk . You can eat more Chinese cabbage to get a lot of calcium.

Chinese cabbage contains more carotene than beans, tomatoes, and melons, as well as high levels of vitamin C and vitamin E. These vitamins can be directly absorbed and utilized by skin cells, nourish the skin, reduce pigmentation, and have very good cosmetic effects .

If the cabbage you buy is old, with more tendons and less water, it is suitable for stewing. The cabbage pork stew noodles made with it can not only replenish physical strength quickly, but also resist the cold in the cold winter.

Tender cabbage, suitable for soup and shabu-shabu. Here are two kinds of soup made with cabbage. One is the soup made with cabbage and tofu. This soup is rich in vitamins and protein. The second is cabbage pork ball soup. Cabbage can relieve the greasiness of pork. Pork can make the meatballs more fragrant and tender, especially suitable for the elderly and children.

The highest content of vitamin C in cabbage is in cabbage leaves. It is best to boil the cabbage with boiling water before cooking, so that the oxidase contained in the cabbage will not damage the vitamin C.

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