There are taboos when eating eggs? Pay attention to these six bogeys!

Do not drink tea immediately after eating eggs. Due to the large amount of tannic acid contained in tea, tannic acid and protein become astringent tannic acid protein after synthesis, which will slow down intestinal motility, thereby prolonging the residence time of feces in the intestinal tract and easily cause constipation At the same time, it may increase the possibility of toxic substances and carcinogens being absorbed by the human body, and endanger human health.

The egg itself contains a large amount of glutamic acid and a certain amount of sodium chloride. If MSG is added, these two substances will generate a new substance-sodium glutamate, which is the main component of MSG. Instead, the umami is covered up .

Many places have the habit of eating poached eggs in sugar water. In fact, it will cause the amino acids in egg proteins to form a fructosyllysine conjugate. And this substance is not easily absorbed by the body, so it will have an adverse effect on health.

The nutrients in under-cooked eggs can breed bacteria after overnight. If you eat such deteriorated eggs, it will be harmful to your health. Because the protein is destroyed during cooking and it is overnight, the nutritional value will be greatly reduced. In the same way, you should pay less attention to the boiled tea eggs. Because the substances in tea and protein mix can produce harmful substances.

Eating persimmons after eating eggs will lead to food poisoning, which will always lead to acute gastroenteritis and pulmonary stones. Generally speaking, eating these two kinds of food at the same time will cause the above symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. So if you take it within 1 to 2 hours, you can use the method of vomiting. Immediately take 20g of table salt and 200ml of boiling water to dissolve. Drink it once after cooling. If you don t vomit, drink a few times to promote vomiting quickly. Or you can use fresh ginger to mash it and take it with warm water. If you take it for a long time, take some laxatives as soon as possible to eliminate toxic substances from the body.

Every morning, mothers prepare breakfast for their children. Hope that the child can get adequate nutrition in the early morning. So many mothers will put frangipani in soy milk. Or let your child quench his thirst with soy milk after eating eggs. In fact, soymilk, which has a strong nourishing effect alone, contains a special substance called trypsin, which combined with the egg pine protein in egg white will cause the loss of nutrients and reduce the nutritional value of the two.

Although the experience value of eggs is high, the more eggs you eat, the better. Eating more eggs is likely to cause excessive nutrition and lead to obesity. Increase the burden on the liver and kidneys. Excessive protein will overload the urea manufacturing system, eat too much protein, and also produce a large amount of ammonia, hydroxyl, phenol and other chemical substances in the intestine, which is very toxic to the human body. It is likely that symptoms such as prone abdominal distension, dizziness, weakness of the limbs, and coma may occur, which is often referred to as protein poisoning syndrome.

Eggs cannot be eaten with rabbit meat and goose meat. Li Shizhen said in the Compendium of Materia Medica: eggs and rabbit meat eat into diarrhea. That s because rabbit meat tastes cold and sour, while eggs are slightly cold, both contain some biologically active substances, and co-feeding will react, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and cause diarrhea.

There are still many taboos about cricket eggs, because they are rarely used to match and are rarely known. For example, eating meat after eating eggs can also lead to food poisoning. However, the meat itself is noxious, and people with colds or dampness should not eat it. Coupled with its sexual Xianping, pregnant women and people with a bad digestive system just after giving birth to BB can not eat.

Eggs are rich in protein. Pay special attention to protein intake during inflammation. So when inflammation occurs, remember not to take medicine after eating eggs. Especially for gastrointestinal diseases, those with diarrhea can t eat eggs. Because eggs contain more protein, it will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, and has a relative impact on drug efficacy, especially steatosis. If it is other inflammation, such as the respiratory system, urinary system, etc., from the perspective of Western medicine, it will not have much impact.

If you think that eating eggs raw is more nutritious, then you are very wrong! Unripe eggs contain a large amount of E. coli, and eating without cooking can easily cause diarrhea. Therefore, the eggs must be cooked at high temperature to kill the bacteria before eating. In addition, raw eggs contain avidin, which affects the absorption of biotin in food, leading to biotin deficiency such as loss of appetite, general weakness, and muscle pain. There is also antitrypsin, which can destroy the digestive function of the human body. One more thing to watch out for is that you need to beware of the bacteria that may be on the eggshell when you beat the eggs!

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