These foods cannot be eaten at the same time

In the 21st century, people are paying more and more attention to the choice of food, but few people will consider the correct mix of food. Our human body is a complex structure, and digesting food is also a complex process. Therefore, if the diet is not matched properly, it may cause digestive burden on the stomach and even cause gastritis.

Grandma and grandma like to use potato stew to prepare a rich lunch for us. Everyone seems to have the illusion that the combination of vegetables and animal protein is the best, but this is not the case. To digest potatoes and meat, the body needs two different enzymes. Therefore, after eating dishes such as potato stew, the body takes a long time to digest them, and you may feel bloated, uncomfortable, etc.

Cucumbers and tomatoes, the classic side dishes of various salads, don t actually match. Cucumbers are alkaline foods, while tomatoes are acidic. When the stomach secretes gastric acid to digest the cucumber, the tomatoes have already begun to ferment. This is why many times you will have some discomfort after eating your favorite cucumber tomato salad.

It s dawn after the party at night, and you think of a coffee in the coffee shop to keep your mind clear. Experts from the American Research Center have found that caffeine suppresses the effects of alcohol. That is to say, a cup of coffee can keep your right brain awake for 6 hours, so that you are not sleepy and your heart rate is faster, but it will make your body extremely dehydrated.

Boyfriends like beer with burger. They don t know that it is very harmful to the body. Alcohol and fat take turns attacking the liver. When the human body is doing its best to reduce the negative effects of alcohol, fat from burgers enters the body and a fat deposit is formed. This may cause heartburn, bloating, and indigestion.

Pineapple with yogurt may be a delicious breakfast, but not everyone knows that eating pineapple and dairy products at the same time can cause poisoning. Pineapple contains a type of bromelain (also known as pineapple enzyme), which may cause poisoning when combined with dairy products .

犒 After a week of work you decide to treat yourself, so you buy yourself a bottle of wine and a small cake. But you may not know that wine promotes the secretion of insulin, which accelerates the digestion of sugars, which can easily cause fat accumulation. If you can t resist the temptation of alcohol, you can eat a little fresh vegetables and cheese.

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