Three major misunderstandings about liposuction and weight loss

When it comes to liposuction, the first thing many people think of is danger. There is a certain risk in any surgery, the key depends on the magnitude of the risk. After more than 20 years of development, the risk of liposuction surgery has been greatly reduced. It is already a quite mature cosmetic surgery, and its trauma, bleeding, and postoperative complications have been greatly reduced compared to before.

At present, the more advanced liposuction is the use of low-pressure ultrasound liposuction with blunt, small-caliber suction tips. Its main advantages are flat suction site, less trauma and less bleeding. In terms of technical operation, in addition to the deep fat suction, the superficial subcutaneous fat suction is also performed, so that better results can be obtained after surgery.

As long as you go to a regular plastic surgery medical institution, select a qualified plastic surgeon, strictly follow the preoperative preparation, intraoperative operation and postoperative treatment, and the safety of liposuction surgery is completely guaranteed.

Many people confuse liposuction with weight loss. Liposuction and weight loss are totally two concepts. The main role of liposuction is to improve body shape. For example, some people s body weight is not overweight, but local fat accumulation affects aesthetics, so liposuction surgery is needed. And losing weight is for overweight.

How much energy a person consumes and how much energy they consume each day depends on the individual differences of each person. If the energy intake is equal to the energy consumed, you can maintain a relatively constant weight for a long time. People who have a good appetite but don t like sports, consume more energy than they consume, and the excess energy will become fat accumulation. Therefore, not only should you pay attention to dieting before performing liposuction surgery, you can t eat and drink safely after local liposuction, otherwise your weight will increase.

Many people are worried: Although liposuction surgery removes some fat, if you eat and drink or do not pay attention to exercise after surgery, these fats will grow back, so you have to do it again. However, this seemingly reasonable guess is actually completely wrong. After liposuction, it will not rebound, which is determined by the principle of liposuction surgery.

It turns out that there are two types of fat cells in the human body. One is shallow fat, which is distributed throughout the body and is more sensitive to energy metabolism. It is easier to lose through dieting and exercise. Another type of deep fat is mainly distributed in the abdomen, waist, hips, arms, thighs, calves, chin and other parts. It is consumed very slowly and is difficult to remove. Liposuction is mainly aimed at deep fat.

The number of deep fat cells is constant. The fat or lean of a person is mainly determined by the size of the cells. When liposuction surgery sucks deep fat, its number will be greatly reduced, even if the cells become fat again in the future, it is extremely limited. This is why many people who have undergone liposuction have found that even if they eat and drink with confidence, their weight does increase significantly, but the site of the fat extraction does not significantly gain weight. Do not eat or drink with confidence, or your weight will increase.

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