Three rules that make people calm down

American business psychologist Prof. o’brius put forward three principles that can make people calm down: “first, lower the voice, then slow down the speed of speech, and finally straighten the chest.” Lowering the voice and slowing down the speed of speech can alleviate the emotional impulse, while straightening the chest forward will weaken the impulsive and tense atmosphere, because people who are excited and have a strong tone of voice usually lean forward. When they lean forward, they will make their faces close to each other, which can create a tense situation for people.

Parkinson, a famous British statesman and historian, and rustolgie, a well-known British management scientist, said in their book understanding people and doing good deeds: “if there is a quarrel, don’t be embarrassed. Listen to others first and let them finish. Try to be sincere and reasonable.

If you listen, you will make the other party realize that the hearer is interested in his point of view, which not only suppresses his “gas head”, but also helps to weaken and avoid the other party’s “gas head”.

Robert Kelly, a business professor at Carnegie Mellon University, met a programmer and his boss at a computer company in California. Kelly suggested that they argue with each other about the value of a certain software. Five minutes later, they realized how ridiculous each other’s performance was. Everyone laughed and soon found out The solution.

In the process of people to people communication, psychological factors play an important role. People think that they are right, and the other party must accept their opinions. If the two sides can exchange roles and put themselves in the same place during the exchange of views, they can avoid their anger. Rational sublimation.

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