Unforgettable sun protection after summer

Astronomers reminded that the sun ’s ultraviolet radiation index is relatively large after summer. At this time, the public should not ignore sun protection because it is getting cooler, and do not hurt the skin by the“ autumn tiger ”.

After a long time outdoors, the skin is prone to redness, tingling, blisters, peeling and other phenomena. This is a souvenir left by sun exposure. Skin sunburns must be rescued as soon as possible. First, it will not increase the excessive burden on the skin first. Soothing and calming the redness and hotness of the skin first, and then using mild, non-irritating skin care products can accelerate cell repair, regeneration, and alleviate skin sunburn Symptoms.

If the skin is slightly red and hot, you can use cotton pads dipped in ice water for a long time until the skin returns to its original color and temperature, and then you can use a mild cleanser to clean it. After washing, wipe with some moisturizing water to replenish it. Moisture is fine.

If the pain is red and swollen, it means that the skin is really sunburned. You can apply it with ice water first, and you can also use natural aloe vera gel to gently apply on the skin to calm down and reduce inflammation.

If a rash occurs, it means that the skin is allergic to sun, and you should avoid exposing the skin to strong sunlight again. If the blisters are more severe sunburn, do not use any products, you should avoid rubbing the skin to rupture the blisters, you must also be very careful when using ice water to slap your face.

After cleaning the skin, in addition to applying some post-sun repair cosmetics, some green plants, vegetables and fruits that we often come into contact with in our daily life are also good repairs. The following are some simple post-sun repair methods that can also achieve the desired effect. Unexpected effect.

Cucumber: After skin sunburn, apply cucumber juice to the painful skin for 10 minutes, cool and penetrate the skin, and the pain will be reduced naturally. Cucumber juice is rich in water and contains vitamin C to enhance the skin s regenerative ability, which can replenish the skin s lost moisture and treat peeling. Wash your body with water after application.

Watermelon peel juice: Watermelon peel juice has a moisturizing effect. After exposure, you can pound the juice with watermelon peel and mix it with honey to make a mask, which has stronger pulp strength and will not leak. The whole process is about 15- 30 minutes, and then wash your face with water.

Honey: Honey is rich in vitamins, glucose, etc., can moisturize and whiten the skin, and has the effect of sterilization and disinfection, so that the wounds heal early, and the skin restores luster.

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