What are the best exercises for summer?

Strong physique, good physique depends on many factors, such as innate development, diet structure, medical care, living environment, physical exercise and so on. In some ways, fitness exercises can make up for the innate deficiency. Sports health is also the easiest , most effective and most economical way to obtain health. As the saying goes: Medicinal supplements are better than dietary supplements, and dietary supplements are not as good as exercise. After the summer, the temperature is low in the morning and evening, and the temperature is high in the day. Especially after a few autumn rains, the temperature has dropped. After experiencing the hot summer and dampness in the hot summer, people feel the coolness and comfort of autumn. Pleasant autumn is also the golden season for exercising. Here are a few fitness exercises that are more suitable for autumn.

Ascending, generally refers to the folk mountain climbing. As a kind of physical exercise, the health effects of ascending are: it can increase lung ventilation and lung capacity, increase blood circulation, increase cerebral blood flow, and increase urinary acidity. Ascending in autumn , due to the unique climate, changes in meteorological elements have some special benefits to human physiological functions. When climbing, as the altitude rises within a certain range, the amount of hydrogen ions and negative oxygen ions called air vitamins in the atmosphere is increasing, and the pressure decreases, which can promote a series of changes in human physiological functions It can also play an adjuvant role in asthma and other diseases, and can lower blood sugar and increase the hemoglobin and red blood cell count of patients with anemia. Ascending in the autumn, the temperature changes most frequently, which is beneficial to human health itself: it keeps the body s temperature regulation mechanism constantly in a state of tension, thereby improving the human s ability to adapt to environmental changes Got this meaning). Of course, for the elderly and infirm, this kind of health effect cannot be emphasized blindly. Ascending time should avoid mornings and evenings with lower temperatures, and the ascending speed should be slow. When going up and down the mountain, you can increase or decrease your clothes to meet the air temperature. Patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc., should do what they can to prevent accidents.

Jogging is also an ideal autumn sport, which can enhance blood circulation and improve heart function; improve the blood supply of the brain and oxygen supply of brain cells, reduce cerebral arteriosclerosis, and enable the brain to work normally. Running can also effectively stimulate metabolism , increase energy expenditure, and help lose weight and bodybuilding. For the elderly, running can greatly reduce muscle atrophy and obesity caused by inactivity; reduce cardiopulmonary aging; reduce cholesterol, reduce arteriosclerosis, and help prolong life. Recently, scientists have also found that persistent jogger has less chance of getting cancer. Of course, the process of jogging is actually going through an air bath. If people are constantly in the dirty air, they will feel exhausted, weak limbs, and work efficiency will decrease. Therefore , whether it is a healthy person or a sick person, they should go outdoors to get more activities and breathe more fresh air. Qiu Gao Qi Shuang is a great time to get out of the house and exercise in nature. In one day, if people have 1-2 hours to breathe fresh air outdoors, and take about 40 minutes for jogging, not only will they be less affected, their physique will also be strengthened, and their energy will become more energetic.

The so-called cold water bath is to take a cold water bath between 5-20 ℃. The natural water temperature in autumn is within this range. The health effect of cold water bath is very obvious. First of all, it can strengthen the excitatory function of the nerves, making the spirit refreshed and the mind clear after bathing. Second, cold water bath can enhance the body s resistance to diseases, which is called vascular gymnastics . Third, taking a cold water bath can also help to enhance digestive function, and it has certain effects on chronic gastritis, gastric ptosis, and constipation Adjuvant therapeutic effect. Cold water bath exercises must take a gradual approach: the autumn temperature gradually decreases, and the human body gradually adapts to cold and cold water , so that in late autumn and winter, taking a cold water bath does not feel too cold. The cold water bath should be gradual, including the bathing area from local to whole body, the water temperature from high to low a nd the bathing time from short to long.

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