What are the precautions for wrinkle removal?

What are the precautions for wrinkle removal? Wrinkles are the natural enemies of many beauty lovers. Wrinkle removal can help everyone to worry about wrinkles. However, self-care is required after surgery to achieve satisfactory surgical results. So what are the precautions for wrinkle removal? Below we ask experts to introduce us the precautions for wrinkle removal.

1. Psychological preparation. First of all, it should be treated correctly. It is recognized that the appearance of wrinkles is a natural physiological process that everyone can occur. Wrinkle removal and cosmetic surgery can only remove wrinkles and make you look younger. The expectation of the effect of the operation should not be too high. At the same time, strengthen their confidence and determination, choose the operation according to their occupation, environment, economic conditions and their own conditions, and try to gain the understanding and support of family or friends.

2. Choose a doctor and communicate with it. If you decide on surgery, you must choose a plastic surgeon with extensive experience and formal training. Don t blindly submit to the doctor, and explain your views and requirements to the doctor, understand and consult the inertia of the operation, and try to make the doctor and his own idea communicate with each other. As a result, their confidence is strengthened, and their trust in the doctor also contributes to the success of the operation.

3. Judgment of one s health. Make a rough decision about your health status before deciding on surgery. If there is no hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, normal liver and kidney functions, normal lungs, infectious diseases, blood diseases, allergies, scar hyperplasia, trauma to the surgical area, History of surgery. Tolerance to surgery and so on. If you suffer from the above diseases, you should first treat the disease and explain with the plastic surgeon that the doctor decides whether the surgery can be tolerated to prevent unnecessary accidents.

4. Precautions before surgery. You should adjust your mentality and mental condition before surgery. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the face and scalp to prevent skin infections and skin diseases such as folliculitis. Wash the hair 3 days before surgery and soak it in 1 : 5000 chlorhexidine solution twice a day for 10 minutes each time; men should shave their hair, women can also shave their hair if they wish, and wear a wig after surgery. Can reduce the possibility of postoperative infection. In order to reduce the occurrence of ecchymosis and hematoma, aspirin was discontinued 4 weeks before the operation, and vitamin E and salvia were discontinued 2 weeks before the operation. Women should calculate the menstrual cycle, and surgery should be postponed before and after the menstrual period.

5. Attentions during and after surgery. The operation should be actively cooperated with the doctor s requirements, and there is no need to fear anesthesia and choose to discuss with the doctor based on their tolerance. Build confidence. After the operation, the doctor s order and treatment should be carefully executed and performed as required to prevent the occurrence of complications. Even if there is no need to panic, complications should be actively handled in a timely manner with the doctor to strive for early recovery after surgery.

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